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build a board

Making a board without bindings is extremely easy. All you have to do is get a normal skateboard remove the trucks with the wheels and there you go you have it a trampboard. Making a board with bindings is a bit more complicated. Like a board without bindings the first step is to remove the trucks. Then you must get a pair of shoes that fit you and you can spare. Sandals are great But they have to be good quality sandals so they will not break tennis shoes work but the best is skate shoes. Now line the shoes up on the board the same way you would have them when you are skateboarding. There are two ways to attach the shoes to the board the first is to use duck tape and wrap them to the board. There is no certain way to tape it up just do what ever will make it hold sturdily will do. The advantage to using duck tape is that it can be removed but it could damage the shoes and the finish on the skateboard depending on the kind of duck tape you use.The other way looks better it requires you to nail the shoes to the board.Im not exactly sure how to nail it because I personally used the duck tape method but I have heard people putting sponges on the nails so they can't cut up the trampoline. so then you have your board and your ready to start trampboarding.

these are some photos of us making a board