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' The Rabid Wolverine '

" The Rabid Wolverine " 

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You knew it was soon as a third brand was named, the rivalry to see who was the dominant brand began. And now, a winner shall be crowned. Because this is War Games. This is where we see who is the dominant force in the wMe today. Revenge boast an impressive line up, as seasoned veterans such as Jeff Jarrett and the Revenge World Champion, Kevin Nash team up with young stars such as Rene Dupree and David, aswell as the Revenge owner, Shane McMahon. Smackdown looks invincible, as the World Champion Randy Orton, teams with 4 of the best the wMe has ever seen, in Triple H, Batista, Scott Steiner and Steve Corino. The 'One Man Army' Matt Morgan will fight alone, trying to live up to the hype that he has built himself. But as for Team Slam, many think that this team just cannot get along. AJ Styles and Dreamer shall face off at War Games to fill the fifth spot, in a team that ooze's disfunction. If Styles goes through, he will need to team with Eddie Guerrero, a man whom he has feuded with for some time now. If Dreamer wins and joins the team, he will have to team with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who he will face at Summerslam. And the Team Captain, the WM2K1 Champion, Chris Benoit has his work cut out for him, as he has to team with Raven, the man who he will defend his title against at Summerslam. The odds looked stacked against Chris Benoit and his team, but Chris Benoit has never been one to has always battled the odds, and at War Games, he hopes to do what he has done so many times before........BEAT THEM!

||End Forward||

The scene fades in, near the end of a massive wMe War Games promotional press conference. Its outside, with about 200 journalists, aswell as a good few hundred fans aswell. A big board is at the back, with the War Games logo on it, with a picture of all 3 brand GM's on it. Seated at the table on the stage, is several wMe superstars, and announcers. Lilian Garcia takes to the podium, where the microphone is, infront of the table occupied by the wMe stars.

||Lilian Garcia||And now finally..........the WM2K1 Champion.....CHHHHHRIIIIIIISSSSSS BEEENNNNNOOOOOOOOUIIIIIITTTT!!!

Chris Benoit's music plays over the speakers that are set up, and all the fans in attendance cheer wildly, as from behind the baord, Chris Benoit walks out. All the journalists clap, as the photographers go crazy snapping pictures, as the Rabid Wolverine walks out to the podium. Wearing white trainers, black addidas bottoms, and the wMe War Games T-Shirt, he lifts the World Title belt up proudly, to the delight of the fans who came. He then places the belt proudly over his shoulder, and rests both hands on the podium. Even the wrestlers who are seated behind applaud, showing respect to the Crippler. He waits for the generous reception to die down, and then begins to speak.

||Chris Benoit||Id like to thank you for the warm welcome, and Id like to thank each and every one of you for making your way out here today to show your support. On behalf of the wMe, we are very, very greatful!

Another inevitable cheer goes up, as the camera flashes are blinding. Benoit adjusts the huge strap on his shoulder before continueing.

||Chris Benoit||Its been said, that War Games is one of the most hellacious matches in the history of the wMe, where a hellacious battle will ensue. But Ive been on a hellacious battle for the past 18 years, to be what I am today, the World Heavyweight Champion! And now every seems to think, that this match is as good as won, that Paul Heyman's Smackdown will walk out as the dominant brand. Well I promise each and every one of you here today, that Chris Benoit is going to walk into War Games, and he is going to give every damn thing he has. And when the last person is eliminated, the referee will have to raise the hand of the best damn technical wrestler in the world today, and the victory shall go to Slam. So at War Games, for all those watching, get ready to see Matt Morgan, Team Revenge, Team Smackdown, and Team Slam go at it, in the BIGGEST battle for supremecy. As World Champion, I will lead my team by example, and I will show the 'One Man Army', Revenge and Smackdown, that Chris Benoit, the WM2K1 Champion is.....FOR REAL! Thank you very much, and enjoy War Games.

The camera's continue to flash, as the journalists clap. But there clapping is drowned out by the huge amount of noise being made by the fans who came today, as a BENOIT! BENOIT! chant has started up. Chris Benoit raises the title belt one more time for the fans, and then raises his fist in acknowledgement to their support. He then walks back behind the board, as Lilian Garcia closes the press conference. Behind the board, and backstage so to speak, alot of crew members are beginning to pack away the equipment, and Chris Benoit walks to the refreshment table, and picks up a bottle of mineral water. He unscrews the lid, and takes a sip, but is distracted by a familiar voice.

||Michael Cole||Hey there Chris......hows it going?

Chris Benoit swallows the water, and screws the lid back on. He turns around, with a friendly toothless grin. He shakes Michael Cole's extended hand as he responds.

||Chris Benoit||Im good Michael........Im good. And yourself?

||Michael Cole||Im great. I mean, War Games is just around the corner, and I cant wait to commentate on what should be a historic event. Nothing beats sitting, watching the action from only a few feet away.

||Chris Benoit||Yeah, actually being in the ring night in, night out. Without a doubt, that is the greatest thing, and I cant wait to get to War Games.

||Michael Cole|| you can just make up the numbers?

Chris Benoit raises an eyebrows towards the Smackdown commentator.

||Chris Benoit||And whats that supposed to mean?

||Michael Cole||Oh come dont seriously think that your team, or any team for that matter has a chance against the Smackdown team do you? I mean come on Chris, even you have to admit we are unstoppable!

||Chris Benoit||Michael, unless you are actually in the team and competing, you have no right to use the term 'we'. And as a matter of fact, Im extremely confident about mine and Team Slam's chances at War Games. Everyone is beatable Michael........EVERYONE!

||Michael Cole||Seriously Chris, with all due respect, I know your the World Champion and all, and you will be a huge threat at War Games, the Smackdown brand is way to strong, and united all the way. Your disfunctional team doesnt stand a chance!

||Chris Benoit||Oh really........well your team doesnt exactly give off the impression of unity. Especially as Triple H and Randy Orton, your two best superstars are at each others throats none stop. Believe me, right now, my team may seem at logger heads, with me and Raven going at it week in and week out, Eddie and AJ feuding none stop...........but hell, as Team Captain I will guarnatee you that my team will be more than ready for your lot at War Games!

||Michael Cole||Whatever Chris. Ive seen your team, and yeah its impressive, but our team is unbeatable. I mean, we have 'The King of Old School', Steve Corino and he........

||Chris Benoit||He is a marked man already. You see Michael, your team is made up of nothing more than fancy primadonna's. Steve Corino isnt the king of anything, because he hasnt earnt it. Hell, Ive worked my ass off for 18 years, Ive been through the 'old school' era, where back breakers and drop kicks were finishing moves. I lived and wrestled during the days of 'Hulkamania'. If anything, I should be the King of Old School. But you know what, I dont claim I am, because I dont pride myself on being Old School, no......I PRIDE MYSELF ON BEING THE BEST DAMN TECHNICAL WRESTLER IN THE WORLD TODAY! And at War Games, Im going to show Steve Corino that his old school tricks will not work on me, because I have been there, and I know all about them. When Paul Heyman picked Steve Corino to be in his team, he may of picked on of the best on Smackdown, but he also sent a lamb to slaughter. Because by picking Steve Corino, Paul Heyman has just set Steve Corino up to being the next person to tap out to the Crippler Crossface!

||Michael Cole||Whatever. Atleast we have a man on our team that saw the light, and jumped ship to Smackdown from your second rate show, Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner.

||Chris Benoit||And why the hell do you think he left? BECAUSE OF ME! Hell, in one of his last matches on Slam, he ran his mouth, he told me that I should just walk away and forfeit the victory. But I took it to him, I gave him everything I had, and what was the result? The same as it will be on sunday Michael, I had him down in the center of the ring, locked in the Crossface, and tapping for his damn life. But he wont admit that he tapped, because his ego is too big, just like his arms. He boasts about holding this title belt right here, but he held it for what? A month? Ive held this title for 2 months now, and it aint going nowhere in the near future. So Scott Steiner didnt make the jump to higher league.........he jumped FROM the higher leagues. He jumped to the minor brand, where he belongs. But hell, if he has a problem with what Im saying, because no doubt you will tell him, I will have no problem proving it to him at War Games. He can deny he tapped out before, although its in the record books that he did, but when I make him tap out this coming sunday and eliminate him, he will realise, that he is right where he belongs.........IN THE MINOR LEAGUES!

Michael Cole looks a bit aggitated with what the intense as ever Chris Benoit is saying. Benoit adjusts his massive title belt on his shoulder.

||Michael Cole||Yeah, well what about the man who is easily the most under used talent in the whole wMe, BATISTA!

||Chris Benoit||What about him?

||Michael Cole||What do you mean 'what about him'? The man is a monster. You honestly think you have a chance with him in there? He is bigger than you, and.......

||Chris Benoit||And stronger than me and blah blah blah! You think I havent heard that before Michael Cole? HUH? You think I have never been told that Im too small to ever make it, or that the bigger people will beat me easily? Hell, Ive been getting that crap for the past 18 years of my life, and I stand now, as the World Heavyweight Champion. And I know all about Batista, I know all about the 'Deadly Sin', and how he is the most talented wrestler in the wMe to never hold a championship. Well he will get NO sympathy from me, because I spent years being held back from this championship, because no one had any faith in me. I came to the wMe, and I gave them no other choice but to give me a shot at this belt, and I took it. Batista has had title shots, but he blew it. He couldnt win the big one. So really Michael Cole, surely Batista should be fearing me. I know he is bigger, I know he is stronger, but I HAVE BEATEN THE ODD'S AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! And at War GAmes Michael, I will do it again, because I will take Batista down in the middle of the ring, and I will lock on the Crippler Crossface. And I will make him scream, and I will make him squel for mercy. And then he will have no other choice.........but to tap. But he wont just be tapping to be eliminated, he wont just be tapping for his career........HE WILL BE TAPPING FOR HIS LIFE! So Batista may be bigger and stronger than me Michael.........but the bigger they are.......THE HARDER THEY FALL!

||Michael Cole||If you say so. But we have the true 'best wrestler alive today'. We have The Game......Triple H! He will, how do you say it Chris.........Prove You Wrong! Ha Ha Ha.

||Chris Benoit||And Im looking forward to it. This has been the confrontation I have been waiting for. When the wMe did the redraft, I was over the moon when Triple H got picked for Slam. But some how he managed to stay on Smackdown. Because you see Michael, when Triple H made the claim that he was the best wrestler alive today, I took exception. Ive proven that I am the best damn technical wrestler. Hell, Ive won titles in various companies, I even won a J Cup in Japan, and now Im the World Champion. Ive lived my life by being the best at what I love, and right now, I AM THE BEST! But what has Triple H done to prove he is the best? Hit a few Pedigree's? Swung a few sledgehammers? HE HAS DONE NOTHING! But Michael, when you next see Triple H, tell him that at War Games, I want him and me to step into the ring, and I want me and him to go at it. And then I will prove that I am the best, and Triple H is no more than a fraud! He gets his kicks in this business, by out thinking his opponent.........I GET MINE BY OUTWRESTLING THEM! And Triple H will step into The Crippler's Personal Playground Of Pain on sunday, and he will have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. And Michael, you can watch from your little commentators desk, as I Play The Game............AND WIN!

||Michael Cole|| Well atleast we have a TRUE World Champion. Not one who hasnt won a damn match since winning the belt! Smackdown is easily going to win, especially with Randy Orton in it!

Chris Benoit glares at Michael Cole for the comment, and he holds his title belt in Michael Cole's face.

||Chris Benoit||You see this........THIS IS THE REAL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! This is the belt with most prestige, held by people like Bret Hart, and The Franchise. And if I recall correctly, last year, at Holiday Inn, Randy Orton FAILED to win this belt, and then jumped ship to Smackdown, where the title came alot easier didnt it? This belt here, actually means something, and Randy Orton knew that after he failed to win it last year, HE WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO WIN IT! So he went to Smackdown, where the World Title there.......MEANS NOTHING! But I know all the excitement, and all the hype, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton, meeting in the same ring......the two Champions.......the team leaders. Who is the better man? I can answer that now........I AM! I spent the last 18 years of my life, working to get where I am today. I know that I won the World Title on my own merit. I know that I am Team Leader because Vince McMahon realises that I am the best. But Randy Orton has worked for NOTHING! The only reason he is in this business, is because of his father's name. He doesnt deserve it. Ive worked my whole life for this moment, and I wont let a leach like your World Champion stand in my way. I have to much drive, to much passion to be the best, whereas Orton is only in this for the fortunes and fame. Nothing drives him, which is why I shall take him out this sunday. Because I am driven by my pain, and I use the suffering as my satisfy my rage. And that Rage will be satisfied at War Games, because I will take out that rage on Randy Orton. And he will find out that I was born to hurt...........AND HE WILL FEEL MY PAIN!

Michael Cole looks slightly uneasy, as Chris Benoit looks ready to explode. He holds the World Title Strap in one of his hands, and then he pats Michael Cole on the chest.

||Chris Benoit||So you be a good little boy now, and you run along, and tell Team Smackdown, that at War Games, they step into MY World. A world where......

And with that, Chris Benoit pats Michael Cole a few times, flashing his toothless grin. He then storms past Michael Cole, barging him out the way. The camera stays on the Smackdown announcer, who looks worried, as he rubs his chest from where Chris Benoit was hitting it.

The War Is Here........and this sunday, Chris Benoit will lead the Slam contingent into the demonic Hell in a Cell, to do battle with Team Revenge, Team Smackdown, and the One Man Army, Matt Morgan. This match is going to change the landscape of Sports Entertainment, and Chris Benoit is adament, that he deserves the victory. This one wont be easy, but just like at Downfall, Chris Benoit wants to leave a hellacious metal structure........AS THE WINNER!

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