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Plans Unclear; Bush Responds to BBW and IWA

- "The Fire" Jon Bush(TM) has spent his career making himself a loner, fighting off every face and ever heel nearly to the point of self destruction. It seems now, nothing has changed. Bush claims that his relations with Axl Rotten are strictly professional. "We can help each other," says Bush. Due to the recent sexual harrassment charges and assault convictions, Axl Rotten is struggling to find work in the Indy business. However, now he'll be able to work with Bush while providing two big names to an already booming organization. Sources say that Ian Rotten wants nothing to do with this alliance and calls it "ironeous."

Bush, A Former IWA Champ, Says...

"Ian Rotten and I have never seen eye to eye. Why should this be any different?" And why should it be really? Many still question to this day the stability of IWA after Bush's HCW nearly buried Ian Rotten's creation. Now, with the news of Bush's return, what does it mean for Ian Rotten? IWA?

"It's not that I won't ever work for Ian," Bush says, "It's that Ian takes himself too seriously while I take the business too seriously. That combination makes for conflicted schedules and a constant butting heads. It makes working together nearly impossible."
I suppose as a journalist I must ask the obvious questions. Does Ian Rotten need Jon Bush? Does Jon Bush need Ian Rotten? I think not. I don't believe either of them "need" each other. However, if they could manage to work together, the wrestling business really would change forever. Vince MacMahon really would have something to worry about. It would however end a fued of IWA - HCW for years running. And would that really be the best thing? After all, the IWA still runs the largest Indy wrestling show of the year, the two day Mega Show, King of the Death Matches(c). However, even with that in mind, Bush's HCW was the leading Indy organization in the U.S. and Canada before the NWA-TNA promotion really got off the ground. IWA, who could still win the K.O.T.D.M. crowd, lost every other battle of fans there was with HCW. Will this be a repeat in the future HCW, possibly also being run by Jon Bush?
"BBW Who?" Bush Responds to BBW...

So it has been over a year since Jon Bush and Joe Bailey had a conversation. It has been...wait never since they have had a respectable and decent conversation. Bush was interviewed on BBW and responded with, "BBW who?" While Bush has his sights set closer on the IWA organization, he hasn't completely overlooked Joe "what's his name?" However, IWA can beat out BBW in ticket sales any day. If HCW is slamming IWA around like nobody's business, I think it's clear that BBW is no competition for HCW. There is a quite funny explanation for the picture to the right. Risking much controversy and many dirty e-mail letters, I'll tell you the short explanation anyway. I asked Bush, "What does BBW mean to you?" Bush responds, "I've got your BBW right here." While Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling isn't the only way BBW can be written out, I'll let you infer the actual words.