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Put your left leg about 9 inches behind your right (not lined up). If you have momentum, hurry and put your left hand down close to where you have your left leg. Now swing your left leg as hard as you can while doin a jump (in order for your left leg to go through you will need to try and kick ur face with ur right leg it wont really kick your face just close). Now you're gettin ready to put your right hand down. Make sure all your wieght shifts to your right arm and kick your left leg up as high as possible. Now drive your right leg under your left and now put your left hand down in front of u both hands should be in front.


First you would start out by doing a handstand, then as you can balance yourself whichever hand you are used to push yourself away and you would let go one of your hand and clap it together with the other so you able to spin yourself.

6 steps:

Step 1: Lift your right hand, and move your left where your hand used to be. Step 2: Move your right leg forward so your knees are close, but keep your left leg where it is. Step 3: Pull your left leg in as your right leg stays where it is. Step 4: Swing your right leg in a WIDE arc kinda like how peeps do that coffee grinder thing Switch hands, so now you're right hand is down, left hand up. Keep your right leg swinging around. Step 5: Your right leg swings around and wraps around your left. You have your face down and both hands on the floor. Extend your left leg first, then your right leg. This is important to making it look right. Step 6: Now you're in the starting position, continue with step 1


You should be able to rest on your sweet spot for 5-10 seconds without your hands before moving on and be comfortable in the position. Work with this until your get 1 and a half to 2 rotations. This will be the most difficult and time consuming part of learning this move. You'll learn that the faster you go the less you have to worry about balance and that it'll only hurt the first 5 times or so. Now, you don't want to have to keep tapping and kicking forever, so after about 4 or 5 times, you can use the tuck method.


This move is a variation on the Turtle. Do the same motion as the Turtle but: Keep your body in the air without balancing on your elbows. Keep your legs further away from your body than your arms.


So once again you are in da handglide position. Now by using you're legs and you're free hand for help try to jumping in this position. this move is called The Cricket. Once you've got that down cold then try jackhammers. Now you put you're free hand behind you're back or something. You don't use it for any kind off help. So you're one hand does everything; hopping, balancing and turning. You're legs shouldn't touch da ground at all.


Legs as close to your face as possible, arms OVER your shoulders touching the ground (very hard to explain if you haven't seen a person do one, watch Jackie Chan). Now throw your legs HIGH as they can go, This should lift your hips as well. Now PUSH HARD with your arms, lifting your upper body and the Rubberband is almost like Kipup, but you just repeatly push yourself off the ground and bounce back down again.


From siting position your hands on the floor, swing your right hand behind your back, then your left hand. While your left hand is going up in the air, try to look at your left hand and do side cartwheel over it. When you can do this move really well pop your body over it like backwalkover