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!!!Welcome to the Hottest Moves that you will see and learn the extreme!!!

Windmill Spin:

Put very simply it is a roll across your shoulders to your front and back to your shoulders again. It is generally performed with your legs spread and your body bent slightly at your waist.


Assuming your most comfortable balancing on your left arm, place your elbow on the inside of your hipbone. The more central your can get your elbow the easier you will balance. Using your other hand, slowly lower your body to horizontal to the ground. If done perfectly, your legs should lift off the ground and your body should balance on your hand. Nearly all your weight should be on your left elbow, the other arm is just used for balance. Some people prefer to learn with both elbows for support, I personally find this harder.


start with your left foot on the floor and your right sticking straight out. Start with your left hand on the floor and your torso along with your right hand twisted to the left.


This easy move is kinda like a warm-up or to get you hyped up so you able to the move that you want to accomplish.You can look at the animation to use as your guide like moving your left leg and right leg back and fourth.