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Hip-Hop is a culture based on style and creativity. Breakdancing has been a major element of the Hip-Hop culture. From the beginning, breakers have displayed mind blowing acrobatics. In addition to displaying such stunts, breakdancing also encompasses the many of the laws of physics. With every kick, twist, and spin, physics has played a major role. Breakers have seemed to have been "defying the laws of physics" for decades now. However, in truth, breakers have been using physics in order to manipulate their bodies to display this form of art known as breakdancing. The truth is, no one knows exactly how it got started. But there is a general agreement as to where and at what time. It started in New York City in the mid 70's. Gangs needed a way to "battle" each other at dance clubs without getting kicked out. So instead of a fist fight they would see who had the better dance moves. Breakdancing was originally called "Rocking". So when you danced on your feet, it was called "toprock" and when you danced on the floor with your hands and feet it was called "down rock." When breakdancing first started, there weren't any of the crazy moves you know today. There weren't headspins, there weren't backspins, not even a backflip. It was all footglides, like the "moonwalk" Michael Jackson did in the 80's. This style of breakdancing, using illusions to make it appear you are dancing on ice or in zero-gravity, came from James Brown. He was the one who popularized the moonwalk, NOT Michael Jackson.