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Elite Swingers

Info On The Team

People may think that just because we only have our competitions at school that thats all we do. Well.. it isn't, we do have all our comps at school during break time but we also go to the school most days when it's over and practice our stunts.

Some Of The Stunts

Alot of our fans want to know some of the stunts we do so we decided to list them for you:

180(180 degree rotation)

360(360 degree rotation)

540(a 360+ a 180)

720(2 360s)

900(rarely done, 2 360s+ a 180)

Superman(when backwards jump off, hang on, extend legs and land)


backflip-180(simply a backflip with a 180 degree rotation)

Hot News

Just yesterday one of our low-level members received the Offcial Member Level(level 5) after landing the top wipeout our club has ever seen .

Also, long time member, but unofficial, was suspended indefinetly from the club after beating up a level 10 owner.

Autograph Page

Alot of our fans want our autographs and we never had the time to give them out but now we have the printable page(right-click on it, click save picture as, save it as a bmp and call it autograph page then open it with paint and print it):

Club Sheet

The Club Sheet is the sheet with the list of members and details about the club on it and we decided to add it to our website.





@=Level 10 Owner

+=Level 5-9 member

{m}=unofficial member