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Street Dezinz

Thank you for visiting my site. First things first. I have example photos that I'd like to put on here, and my computer is not cooperating right now. They will be on here very shortly. I also apologize about how "basic" this site is, but angelfire is all I have to work with right now, so bare with me. This is a website designed for drawing your car or any other car you wish with any graphics, car colors, styles, neons, and much more you want. This drawing (or drawings) make great gifts, or for your personal use. This is also ideal for car lovers, and people who have a passion for a specific car or type of car. The ACCESSORIES for the car that may be drawn may consist of tint, change of car color, spoiler, neons, exhaust, decals, graphics, lettering, euro taillights, and more(email me about any ?'s concerning this topic). The BACKGROUNDS may be any shade of any color(e-mail me the color, and ill check to see if i have that color), or a basic background such as a beach, a driveway, a road, a sign and a road; something like that or something in that nature. Not anything like a detailed city, woods, parking lots, stores, people, or stuff like that. Just e-mail me with your background ideas and ill work it out with you. For the SILVER PACKAGE, it includes the background, framed, color border, up to 5 accessories of choice (excluding rims and ground effects(bodywork)), and custom graphics(email me a digital pic of your graphic of choice. Trouble finding a graphic for your car? Check out the websites below). For the GOLD PACKAGE, it includes everything the silver one does, and also includes the rims and ground effects for your car. CAR PHOTOS and PAYMENTS should be sent at the same time through an envelope. The photos should be just a standard size. I will send the photo back at your wishes. Pictures will be completed and sent back to you within 14 days (2 weeks). I accept cash, money order, travelers checks, but no personal checks or credit cards. Also in the envelope, please include exactly what you would like for me to draw and any graphics, photos, rims photos, or anything else relating to that matter, either enclose it or e-mail me the digital photos. Mail and payments should be made out to: Benjamin Spaethe; 765 N. Emerson Ave.; Indianapolis, IN 46219. Thank you and I look foreward to working for you in the near future! ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS ABOUT ANYTHING, MY E-MAIL IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WEBPAGE.

Pricing for the drawings (in dollars)

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