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-]- Stephanie Mcmahon -[-


}{ Scene One |*| Office }{

Stephanie Mcmahon is seen backstage talking on her sell phone and why the they are in the GM office the fan's cheer as they see Stephanie Mcmahon.

|*| On Cell Phone |*|

|*| GM of Smackdown |*| Stephanie Mcmahon |*|
Yes im fine here i dont need no help im fine you fired me from wwe and now im here to work with someone who really loves me not someone like you im with Shane and thats final so bye daddy its over and dont call me again.

As Stephanie Hangs up the phone and stands up then walks up and down her Office when there is a knock on the door, As Stephanie turns to the door she sees Vince Mcmahon standing in font of her with a piss of look on his face.

|*| Talking With Daddy |*|

|*| GM of Smackdown |*| Stephanie Mcmahon |*|
Dad what the hell you doing here im not coming back to work with you i belong here with my Brother and of course your own son but now you fired me from wwe now im here in the IWF and im doing a better job then i ever did with you so get out my office now.

|*| Owner of WWE |*| Vince Mcmahon |*|
You have made the wrong choose because you should be where i am in the wwe but i guess not so you know what this means this means hell to pay and thats what coming to you and i hope you like it here because your not standing one more foot in the wwe again.

|*| GM of Smackdown |*| Stephanie Mcmahon |*|
I was not going to walk back in your wwe again dad i hate you so much i cant believe what you did to me in the wwe now im going to make sure you see what it is like to be heart broken and lonely because from now Dad....WE ARE OVER now get out my office or i get you kicked out.

|*| Owner of WWE |*| Vince Mcmahon |*|
You wont have the guts to get your father kicked out of the iwf because i own you like Shane owns you but from now on like you said we are over and i will make sure of that.

Vince Mcmahon is about to grap Stephanie by the hair when someone comes behind Vince as he turns around and he sees Triple H standing in font of him.

|*| The Game |*| Triple H |*|
So i hope u was not going to do what i throught i seen you was going to do because if you lay one finger on her i will make sure you will be kicked out but not by the staff but me so why dont you get you ass out her before i kick your ass out there.

Vince then walks past Triple H and looks at Stephanie and then walks out as Triple H walks over to Stephanie as they talk.

|*| Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon |*|

|*| GM of Smackdown |*| Stephanie Mcmahon |*|
Thanx Hunter and i think i own you a answer is that why your here.

|*| The Game |*| Triple H |*|
U got it in one so what is it do you like to be my mangner and im sorry what i said about u i was a bit pissed off with my match and all.

|*| GM of Smackdown |*| Stephanie Mcmahon |*|
Its ok well all i can say is we used to be a couple and it was the best thing of my life soo im going to have to say.....Yes i will be your mangner and before u go i like you to have this.

Stephanie then gets closer to Triple H and gives him a kiss as the fans cheer.

! Can it be again Mcmahon Era!

The Scene End's
{ooc: Triple H do Part 2 plz}