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Welcome to my site. This organization is for real skaters only. No posers. If you looking to become a skater this is the place for you. We will soon have any information you need to know.If you have any questions email me This site looks as good as it does thanks to David Grayson. Some of the main members of the site are James Queen, and David Grayson, designer, Bryan Mcknight,and Ryan Edwards.

::April 8, 2003:: ::David Grayson:: We are now keeping up with the progress made on the site. Today I added code to block browsers from stealing our code. I also added some more pictures. As of right now, I'm doing this in Computer Programming class because we have a subsitute. I'm hoping to get everyone's profiles up. More minor changes were made today but they aren't important enough to go into. Well I'm out, gonna go play unreveal tournament. You guys should check it out at:
Unreveal Tournament
See you guys at the pub...

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