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The Selfish Giant

This is my website for my English project. On this website you'll observe the setting, plot, theme, and character anaysis for the story The Selfish Giant"

The Plot

1. Every afternoon when little children were coming home from school, they would all go play in the giants garden.

2. The Selfish Giant came home to his garden from visiting his friends for seven years.

3. When he arrived he saw the children playing in the garden and became very upset, he kicked all the children out and put a huge wall up with a notice board that read:

4.Now the poor children had nowhere to play.

5.Then spring came everywhere but the Garden of the selfish giant.The garden remained winter with cold snow and frost and the north wind came.Soon enough hail had come too

6. The Giant was full of confusion, he wondered where the spring had gone.

7. One morning the Giant was laying in bed and heard such pretty music.

8. Through a little whole in the wall the little children snuck in a sat on the branches of the tree and played.

9.The giant saw a little boy who could not reach the branch of the tree and was crying. The giant felt bad for him so he went out to help him. But when he went out he scared all the children away, but the little boy.

10. The giant gently swept up the boy and placed him on the branch. The boy was full of such gratitude that he hugged and kissed the giant.

11. The giant knocked down all the walls and let all the children play in the garden.

12. Years went by and the giant had never yet seen his friend that he helped that day, not to mention he was growing old and feeble.

13. One winter morning he looked out his window in wonder. In the farthest corner of the tree it was covered with white blossoms and golden braches. Underneath the tree stood his friend the little boy.

14. The giant hastened to the boy. When he came upon him he found wounds on the boy nail marks in the hands and in the feet. The gaint asked "whohath dared to wound thee, tell me so i may slay them wiht my sword"? the boy respond " Nay for these are wounds of love".

15. The boy told the giant " you once let me play in your garden, now you may play in my garden , paradise.

16.The next day all the children came to see the giant dead underneath the tree covered in white blossoms.

The rising action

His process from being selfish to be kind, and letting the children play in his garden.

The climax

When he walks out to the Gardan and the Garden is glowing. Then he sees the boy underneath the tree.

The falling action

When the giant dies.

The Setting

The setting of The Selfish Giant takes place in a marvelous garden. With soft green grass,beautiful flowers like stars. With 12 peach trees


The selfish Giant- He had a cold heart full of much greed, until he grew warm with love.

The little boy- The little boy was Jesus. He used his power to show up the day the giant had a change of heart.

The children- These are little kids who come and play in the giants garden when they are on there way home from school

The Theme

i believe the theme of this story is that having a warm heart will make you happier.When the giant had a heart of cold it turned everything and his enviroment cold and depressing too. When he had a heart filled with warmness he was happier and so was everything around him. Basically you choose the way you want to live you life. You can live your life with a cold heart or a heart of warmth.