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My Scoobie, STi & Up and Coming Events

I have always wanted to buy a Subaru Impreza for the pst 5-6 years. Fianally, last year in April/May, I came to decision to go ahead and buy one. I wasn't sure which was the best model to go for. I knew that there were many. I had a look at at few and was very impressed. I went to a place near me to view a White Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Jap Import) 1996 300+BHP. The guy took me out in it and scared the living hell out of me, as I had never been in a car this quick. There and then, I decided to purchase this car !!!!

My White 1996 Impreza 2000 WRX STi Turbo (AWD)

- 300+BHP - Redline 8000rpm - STI ECU - STI Intercooler & Inlet Manifold - Scoobysport Backbox - STI Gearbox - STI Quickshift - STI Clutch - Ohlins Racing Suspension - STI Anti Roll Bar - STI Carbon Strut Brace - Die Cast Aluminium Wishbones - Stronger Suspension Bushes - 4 Pot Front Brake Calipers - Front & Rear Vented Discs - Performance Brake Pads - Gold 16" Alloys - STI Seats & Door Panels - 6 Disc CD Player - STI Steering Wheel - STI Grill Badge - Rear De-Badged - STI Mid Level Rear Spoiler - STI Fog Light Blanking Covers - Electric Arial & Mirrors - Rear Screen Wash Wipe - Fitted with Tracker


STI stands for Subaru Tecnica International, the high-performance and motorsports subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. The STi version of the Impreza WRX is the standard WRX which has (theoretically) visited Subaru Technica International. Originally completed cars were taken from the end of the production line and modified by STi, but since September 1995 they have been built alongside the standard models to specifications and with parts outlined by STi. The engine benefits from a few tweeks such as being manufactured and assembled to higher tollerances (blueprinting) with some stronger and lighter items being used. The engine maximum rpm is extended to 8000rpm on the later models, but the gear box has slightly shorter ratios to compensate keeping maximum speed to around 145mph and a quick shift come as standard. A different ECU map, intercooler, inlet manifold, roller bearing turbo and exhaust allow the engine to produce a slight increase in torque over the WRX although maximum power remains the same. Suspension arms are replaced by alloy items, and a strut brace is added in the engine bay. Externally the car is badged by a red STi logo on the front grill which replaces the normal Pleiades one. The fog lights are also dropped in favour of two covers with large STi logos. The car has uprated suspension over the standard WRX

The development of the STi is similar to that of the UK car with the high spoiler seen on the UK MY99 introduced at the same time. It also had the front lip spoiler as standard from MY99 which was only available from Prodrive as a WR upgrade on the UK specification car. The 4 piston brakes introduced into the UK on the MY99 had been a feature on the STi much earlier. Colour coded side skirts were introduced on the MY98.


Impreza Events Coming Up:

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