The rude brat


I am a Swedish girl at the age of 21, I am single at the moment and I do not have any lovers. My home is now in a house with my mother and sister and it works out pretty fine. I work as a guard for a security company and my job is to drive around in a car and check out other companies and facilities, I mostly work at nights.

About a year ago I discovered Bondage by talking to a person here on the net, as I told her about my work she wanted me to try my cuffs on myself and so I did and I come to like it. Over time I did more and more to myself as instructed over the net by some persons I used to chat with, taking it easy and one step at a time.

Recently I have agreed to be dominated online by a person, we have had a few sessions where he tell me what to do, then I do it. I am not a stranger to get to know new persons and to obey their wishes, but then I want to feel that it has something that gives me something. It won't be just anyone who tells me to "take my clothes of"

I am not another persons slave, I have some "friends" here that has helped me over the year but we seldom chat due to their and my lack of time and inability to be online at the same time. I am still far from experienced and I do not know where I want this to lead, at the moment I am pretty happy the way it is whit the occasional session. I have not done any submitting to anyone in real life but me and a internet domme has talked about introducing a (RL) friend of mine, to be instructed by her to dominate me. I am a bit nervous about this but it's something I want to do, when ready for it.


I am pretty tall (180cm) and I am also slim, I workout so I am in pretty good shape. My natural hair color is brown but I often dye it in other colors. My breasts are somewhat small, round and a bit pointy, having the size 75B.

I wear pretty casual clothes consisting of trousers and tops at least when I do not wear my uniform at work. I have never found "slutty" clothes attractive so I don't have anything in that category, so no high heels and such.


The tools I have used during the sessions and during my selfbondage are 2 pair of steel cuffs, a collar with padlock and nametag, a leather leash, a big red ballgag, some strings of rope and carabiners.

My limits for different reasons are No toilet, no public performance, no animals, no blood. I won't dress of naked and sit and masturbate in front of the screen because that is not what I find interesting at all. I'm not into pretending, cybersex or role-playing.

And finally my Name begins with an M =)

Have a nice day