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Josh Kage; JK has come to the SWF to become THE best there ever was. JK claims that he can beat anyone who steps in his way to victory. JK has been all around and has decided to sign a contract in the SWF. Who knows what will happen?? People believe JK has come to the SWF with another reason than beating everyone but he will leave that for you to find out. And when JK signed the contract in the SWF he had a meeting with the press he told them to expect some surprises. Now, who knows what these surprises will be??? We will have to wait and see, so tune in and carefully watch JK to see what he has up his sleeve...

Roleplay by:

Title's Held:

Who's Next?



JK/Josh Kage



Just you wait!

Before Entrance

Lilian Garcia:On his way to the ring weighing in at 283 pounds, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, JK, Josh Kage!!!!!!
Main roleplay