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Hey Riot fans, you have just entered the Official Riot web and shit to come..... well first and foremost i have to give my thank yous and shout outs...MY FAMILY- you guys always believed in me and helped me with any thing i wanted or needed to do.WAYNE STARR-you trained me to be what i am today and made things tuff on me to show me what i was doing wrong.DAVE FERGUSON AND DAVE LEFFEL(owners of RCCW)-you guys gave me the chance i needed, and gave me a new home with RCCW.DANIELLE(The love of my life)baby you are my strenght and everything i am, i love you baby girl.MY BROTHERS IN DAMAGE INC.-although we are a new team we are the most destructive force in RCCW. RCCW WRESTLERS AND CREW- to me you guys are soem of the best in the business and are like my family.....Now on to other news starting with the last show "DEADLY GAMES", i almost became the RCCW light heavyweight champion, but i lost my train of thoght and Showtime got it, but i got him-with a nice cookie sheet across his head.. later that night i was in the DEVAN STARR & ????? V.S. LORD HAYDES & CORP.INSANITY, hell i was so mysterious and a mystery partner Devan didnt even know i was his partner. me and Devan won that match and later that night he went on to beat LORD HAYDES for the X-TREME TITLE...The only matches confirmed for the next show is Myself and Kris Kage V.S.Cliff Harding & Justin Summers.....well thats all the new news for me, check back next week for more..... For Booking info email you can instant message him at-yahoo-riot_2000_2005, AIM or AOL-riot1986 or CraigRiot, and



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