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The Way of the Samurai

This game is one of those new that i didn't play jet but as i can see is a very good one, especially because is based in a cartoon that i used to watch in tv. is for PS2. graphics are great, the story, action, and the replay. In Way of the Samurai you assume the role of a Samurai named Kenji who is thrown into the middle of a conflict at the very end of the Samurai era. A battle is coming in a small area of rural Japan with two sides each trying to maintain their way of life, the way of the Samurai. Japan is now in the Meiji Era, the Samurai are nearly gone and it is forbidden to carry a sword, but the Samurai still fight for their honor and in their own way. If you want to know more about it, there is a link in the "4 fun page" or just clicking on the icon to "find out more" about the game. I have just a few pics down loaded. Enjoy them...

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