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A thousand years ago, Spira was a great technologically advanced world. Now, it's a world that lives in fear of technology and machinery. "Sin", a great evil, has caused this fear. Throughout the years, Sin has kept the world of Spira in fear, destroying cities and lives. Enter Tidus, the famous Blitzball player from the land of Zanarkand. During a Blitzball tournament Sin attacked, sending him into the world of Spira. Here he will meet Yuna. Yuna, tired of living in this situation, is learning the ancient art of summoning in hopes of learning the Ultimate Aeon, the only thing that can stop Sin. Together, and with many other people met along the way, they will confront Sin...and destroy it................................................................................................ .......................................................RELEASE DATE: U.S. standard, DEC 19th, 2001 GENRE: RPG PLAYERS:1 DEVELOPER: SQUARESOFT PLATAFORM: PS2 Characters Tidus The main character in the game. He was transported to the land of Spira when a mysterious monster named Sin attacked his homeland. A very useful member to have in the group. Tidus can deal out a good amount of damage, and is also to able to use Haste and Slow early in the game. Wakka A professional Blitzball player from the island of Besaid. Wakka is your main way of dealing with flying monsters. Also, his dark, silence, and sleep attacks make him great for fighting multiple opponents. Lulu A girl who lives on Besaid and seems to have a strong background with Wakka. Lulu will be in your group probabley more then anyone. She is the black magic user of the game, and probabley deals out the most damage. Her later obtained "Reflex" and "Focus" abilites also greatly help the other members of your group. Yuna Yuna is a Summoner from Besaid, who's job is to defeat Sin. All the other characters in the game are Yuna's guardians. Yuna is a necesity, but because of FFX's unique battle system she probabley won't spend as much time out as your other characters. Yuna is the white magic user/summoner, so most of the time you are bringing her in for one round, healing, then bringing her out. Even better then her healing abilites are her summons. Yuna can summon giant beasts that help you topple your foes. Khimari A ronso that is one of Yuna's guardins. Kimalrhi is a large beast called a ronso that looks like a cat that stands like a human. Allthough I think he is a cool character, you probabley wont be using him as much. He is kind of a mix between Auron and Wakka, but not as strong as Auron or have as good specials as Wakka. However, his overdrive is arguably the best in the game. During battles you use a move called Lancet that sucks in enemie's abilites, then Kimalrhi can use them as his overdrive attack. If you get the right moves, he will definetly save you. Auron A famous guardin was friends with Tidus's dad. Auron is the warrior of the game. He has high HP and great damage, plus his ability to lower the enemies strength/magic power can come in handy, it also seems that he has higher defense then the other characters. Rikku Rikku is an Al Bhed girl who early on saves Tidus's life. Quite possibly the best character. When you first get her she has low hp, bad damage, and seems worthless. But that quickly changes. Rikku has the unique ability to use attack items during a fight. First you use steal to steal different items, then you click use and let them fly. Just to give you an idea of what one of her items can do, the "Dark Seed" (I think thats the name) can take away half the HP of any enemy. The best part is, that isin't even her overdrive! Her overdrive is a move called "Mix". I can't even begin to describe how great this is. Say your two other group members are dead and your low on life, no prob. By mixing a pheonix down and a mega-potion both members will come back and you will all be healed. Out of potions and need to kill the boss quickly? No prob. Mix a Dark Seed and an item such as a Smoke-bomb and your delivering 9999 damage at least. And if your wondering, no those items aren't even hard to get.


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