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Phil Welcomes You To His Web Page

My Favorite Links
  1. Daily News Site
  2. Ebay Web Page
  3. Motorsport Wep page

My Hobbies are:

  1. Racing anything
  2. Billiards
  3. Driving my car

My Web page is under construction. Please come again.

My Intrests are basically similar to any other Action Man.
They are:

Race Cars.

Which I like because they make my adrenaline rush to a point where I am addicted to it. I have many relatives that race cars. In the future, I'd like to attempt to race dirt tracks.

The reason I like Dragsters is because of the speed and the adrenaline rush. I also enjoy the Huge motors they drop in their Chevy's. I plan on putting my '83 Chevrolet Camaro into a 7 second car.


I enjoy playing pool because I am half-way good at the game. I have won 2 tournaments and have gotten 2nd on one. Fortunately, I have a pool table in my basement. I practice a lot on that table ever since I was 6.


The only reason I've liked snowmobiles was because my Uncle owns 2 of them. My family are big Polaris fans. Unfortunately, I don't have one but if I had the chance to buy one it would most likely be a '02 700 Indy Polaris.

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