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need. After all, it is a very small price to pay in order to understand

something, or to better yourself. And, while $5.00 or $10.00 is a relatively

small amount for a buyer, it can really add up quickly for the seller! As I write this, my first listing for my II Auction Express" software has gotten over 70

bids in just the first five days that it has been listed! And, while it took a lot

of time for me to put the program together, I can now sit back and duplicate that one disc and make a good amount of money on each one!

If you've ever watched the TV Food Network, and I know I watch it too much sometimes, you may have seen the show the Essence of Emeril. Chef Emeril

Lagasse has a saying that I think is very relevant to what you want to do with selling you items on eBay TM. Emeril says, "We're not building a rocket ship here!" And, we are not building a rocket ship, nor are we reinventing the

wheel. What you want to do is take a simple idea and nurture it, build it into

something that you can offer the buyer. What you want to do is look for items that go for people's "hot buttons".

While it may be true that everybody is different, it is also just as true that

everyone is the same in a few ways. Everyone wants to make more money! I don't care if you are near broke or Mr. Microsoft, Bill Gates himself; everyone wants to make more money! Everyone wants to be smarter. These are universal things that you can use to make yourself money!

Reference books, like the one that you are reading right now, are great items to sell! Trust me, they are not always easy to put together, and can

challenging to get off of the ground! But, the payoff comes when you are finished! Not only can you sit back and feel you have accomplished

something, you can now sell that one item over and over again! Printing costs are relatively low, and you can feel good making money by helping other people accomplish something that is important to them!

If you do decide to write a book, check your local print shops for a good deal on printing them up. When you are dealing with a lot of copies, and we certainly hope that they sell big, it is much easier to leave the copying,

folding and stapling to the experts! Then, all you have to do is collect your checks and address the envelopes!

So, use your imagination. Examine your unique talents. Look at what

products are in demand. The beanie baby craze can't last forever! Just

imagine you were the person who came up with that idea! It really is the simple ideas that can change your life forever!


I want you to keep in mind, and never ever forget ...People will buy virtually anything! That is, as long as you are providing a quality product at a fair

price, you can be a huge success in buying and selling! Look for products that people use on a day to day basis. Look for a unique idea that you think is in demand; or take an existing idea and make it better. One of the hottest

things right now is specialty mail order items. Items like cigars, beer, and

lobsters are being sold via mail order. Use your imagination and think about what kind of a service you would like to see and if it is something that you can put together on your own, go for it! Also remember this, if people are happy with your product, they will become repeat customers!

Now that you know what you want to sell, it's time to package It and market it for the auction process. Here is where it takes a little bit of planning and

care to get your items noticed. Here is where you'll learn the techniques that

will get your items higher bids on average than similar items. The things I will show you are simple, but they are very effective. It's amazing to see ads on eBay TM that are totally horrible. Ads that have misspellings are the kiss of

death for me. If a seller cannot spell correctly in an ad, you can't completely trust their ability to address the package correctly! Maybe I should write a whole new book on the importance of the spell checker!

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I hope you found this months newsletter informative and helpful.

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