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Take a look at the photo of the item you want to sell. The first thing you need to do is crop the photo to only show the item that you are selling. Each

program will do this fairly simply. You need to click on the tool that selects a rectangular area of your photo. You then need to draw a box only around the area you wish to keep, and then select crop command from the main toolbars image or edit menu.

Then you should go and adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the image as needed. Try to get as much visible detail as Possible. Remember that the better the picture is, the more bids you will get!

You can also add text directly over the picture of the item. This mayor may

not be useful for you, since you can type in as much text as you want before or after the image on web page. If you do want to add text, simply click on the text button, which is the "T" button in 99% of graphics programs, and select an area on your photo and type away!


All right, the photo is taken, processed, and ready to be used in an advertisement on the auction web. The next step you have to do is to actually upload the picture to a web site. Most sites like eBay TM do not allow you to actually put the picture on their site, so you have to have some web space of ',--", your own in which to store the picture. If you're on AOL or a lot of other Internet Service Providers, you most likely have some web space allotted to you through them. You can check with your provider to find out how much space you have, and how to access it.

If your Internet Service Provider does not offer you any web space, you can always find free web space through the Internet from services like Geocities ( These services allow you to sign up for free web space that you can use to display your pictures on your website, or to create your own actual web site. There are a variety of places that offer you small

free web sites, just do a search  for web providers and you will find some others besides Geocities.

Once you have someplace to put your picture, you have to upload the picture. Upload, for those of you who don't know, simply means to send that picture file from your computer to your web space. There are a variety of programs, which are called FTP programs that you can use to transfer files over the Internet.

Once you have your FTP program, you simply log onto your server and choose the files you want to send to the website. For example,let's say that your picture file is called "auction1.jpg" and it shows the item you want to sell.  You would start up your FTP program, choose the directory on your computer that your picture file is in, select your file "auction1.jpg" and press the button to transfer it to your web space.

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