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Monthly Newsletter

January Edition


"First of All,I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter.  Thanks to you the PS2 Website is off and running with a great start, and a prosperous and promising outlook.

 I am doing everything I know how to get more signups so that each and everyone of you receive your ps2's ASAP!

My wife had to go in for emergency surgery at the end of last week, which slowed signups momentarily. Activities should be back to normal in the next day or two!

Congratulations to those who have received their PS2's!!  If you wish, you may send a testimonial, as Kevin did, explaining how you liked the site, and your ps2.  You may also send a photo, if you wish.

Cody Smith

Kevin McCullen

Amanda McCullen

Michele Cullen

Mathew Githens

Larry Bean

Jason Schuld

If they haven't arrived yet, they are in the mail and on their way.

To those who are on the list and waiting to receive theirs, hang in there the list is proceeding as expected.

The website is now open to everyone on the internet. If you wish you can promote the site yourself on the internet, or let family and friends know about it. This will help you to receive your PS2's faster.

Please consider this. Since a person can take the option of receiving $200 instead of the PS2, subscribing to the newsletter is a good investment to those who aren't interested in receiving a PS2 as well as those who are interested.

Anyone can buy a $100 savings bond at their local bank for $50. It takes 12 to 14 years for it to mature, or receive your $100.

Their is also a full money back guarantee, at anytime, upon request for the $35 subscription.

If something came up and you needed your $50 back from your bank, after you purchased a savings bond. The bank will tell you, "In six months you can cash the bond in and get your money back, sorry there is no immediate refund."

As I promised this newsletter and the others to follow will include:

1. News of the PS2 Website updates and current offers

2. PS2 deals I've found

3. Money Saving, and Wholesale deals I find on the internet.

4. Helpful hints, and resources for becoming a successful seller on E-bay.

PS2 Website Offers

I am always thinking about different ways that I may improve the site.

In the near future newsletter subscribers will have a variety of merchandise, to choose from. Not just the ps2, or $200 in cash.

I am considering adding the following choices. All of which will be worth $200.

Subscribers will be able to choose one item from the following.

1. Brand New Sony Playstation 2 worth $200:  already an option

2. $200 in their paypal account or by check:  already an option

3. Microsoft X Box, worth $200

4. Nintendo Game Cube, worth $150 + $50 in their paypal account, or by check

5. Other electronics, such as DVD burners, DVD players, etc.  worth $200

The additional items, will attract new people to subscribe, allowing past subscribers to receive their merchandise sooner.

Your feedback is welcome on this matter.  Please e-mail me your thoughts or suggestions.

PS2 Deals I’ve Found

Note: I am not affiliated with the below mentioned sites in anyway.  I am simply mentioning them for their money saving offers.

I’ve found several Deals on PS2 consoles and accessories, like games and controllers on by e-bay.

Some of you have probably visited here. Did you know that when you open an e-bay account, you are automatically registered at by e-bay also.

So there is no additional information to fill out to buy or sell here.  The method of selling is different though.  Here is the link:


Here is a site that sells Playstation 2 games for 50% off:

This site offers great deals on Playstation 1 and 2 games, as well as the consoles.

This site lets you compare video game system and game prices from different sources, and offers Free Money Saving Coupons from various retailers.

These coupons are good for anything in their store, including video game consoles, and games.


Money Saving and Wholesale Deals

This site offers about anything you can think of:  They sell for way below retail.You might even consider reselling their merchandise on e-bay.

This site offers products at way below retail. If you are selling on e-bay or plan to in the future, Make sure you check out this site.  It is a great help, and their services are free.

They even dropship.  Which means you can purchase an item, and have it shipped to wherever you wish.

You don’t have to package, handle and ship the product.  This decreases your overhead expense dramatically, if selling on auctions.

Here is another site that offers dropshipping, and has a large selection of products.


 Become a Successful E-bay Seller

This section will be an actual course in becoming a Successful E-bay Seller, with each newsletter, being a separate lesson.

I hope each and every one of you find this section helpful and valuable.

The first step is to become familiar with e-bay. Familiarize how auctions are listed, the different selling methods, and take the time to see how much traffic each section is receiving. Become familiar with what products are selling and which one’s aren’t.

Next, select what item you are interested in selling. Say you found an item for so cheap you know you can resell it and make a profit. Be sure. By browsing the categories you would list it in, to see what kind of market there is. Compare what price other sellers are getting for the same item.

And compare, if there are similar items listed by other sellers. What are their prices? Or if you make or produce a product, are their others selling a similar product.

What are their prices, and shipping costs? I’ve found it takes about one month of researching, and looking over e-bay to really become familiar with how it operates.

Once you feel comfortable, and know your market you are ready to list.

 Have you noticed the nice looking auctions that many sellers have?  These include pictures, fancy text, backgrounds and moving animations.

These are very easy to create.  You don’t need special, expensive software.  Most likely, you already have the programs needed to create fancy auction listings already on your computer.

I use Microsoft Frontpage, and that’s it.

You can create an auction listing in Normal View, and then convert it to HTML Code which stands for “Hypertext Markup Language”.

It is simply the language that websites, and webpages are written in to explain to your computer how they should look.

There are thousands of websites that explain and teach html code.

Here is my favorite:

This site gives you hundreds of html codes you can use in your auctions.  It explains how to use notepad to view it as a webpage when you are finished.

It takes some practice to master html, but with a little practice, you will be listing professionally looking auctions in no time.

One last bit of advice for this issue of the newsletter.

If you are planning on selling on e-bay or already are. Take the time to fill out the me page on e-bay.  You can do this by clicking on the box at the top of the e-bay page that says: “about me”.  After you complete this page the small “me” icon will appear next to your e-bay user id.

You can use html on your me page as well.

I consider my me page to be one of the most valuable seller tools that e-bay offers.

From this page you can link to other programs you may be offering, or to websites that you are an affiliate. An affiliate means you make money when you refer other people to the site, and they sign up.

Take the time to view other people’s me pages and you will see what I am talking about here.  They use their me page to make income, they normally wouldn’t make off their auctions alone. For a more detailed explanation of how to use your me page to make an unlimited amount of residual income, click on the banner ad below.

I hope you found this months newsletter informative and helpful.

Please E-mail me with any Questions about the newsletter or Website.


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