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Monthly Newsletter

February Edition


I would like to dedicate this months newsletter to the Seven brave Individuals who gave their lives
while serving our country on February 1st, 2003 .

Our thoughts and prayers are with their Families as
they deal with this tragic loss.



I would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day on February 14, 2003!!

I am doing everything I know how to get more signups so that each and everyone of you receive your ps2's ASAP!

Congratulations to those who have received their PS2's!!  If you wish, you may send a testimonial, as Kevin did, explaining how you liked the site, and your ps2.  You may also send a photo, if you wish.

Cody Smith

Kevin McCullen

Amanda McCullen

Michele Cullen

Mathew Githens

Larry Bean

Jason Schuld

Gabe Chavez

If they haven't arrived yet, they are in the mail and on their way.

To those who are on the list and waiting to receive theirs, hang in there the list is proceeding as expected.

The website is now open to everyone on the internet. If you wish you can promote the site yourself on the internet, or let family and friends know about it. You may also sell the website link on e-bay. This This will help you to receive your PS2's faster.

Please consider this. Since a person can take the option of receiving $200 instead of the PS2, subscribing to the newsletter is a good investment to those who aren't interested in receiving a PS2 as well as those who are interested.

Anyone can buy a $100 savings bond at their local bank for $50. It takes 12 to 14 years for it to mature, or receive your $100.

Their is also a full money back guarantee, at anytime, upon request for the $35 subscription.

If something came up and you needed your $50 back from your bank, after you purchased a savings bond. The bank will tell you, "In six months you can cash the bond in and get your money back, sorry there is no immediate refund."

As I promised this newsletter and the others to follow will include:

1. News of the PS2 Website updates and current offers

2. PS2 deals I've found

3. Money Saving, and Wholesale deals I find on the internet.

4. Helpful hints, and resources for becoming a successful seller on E-bay.

PS2 Website Updates

I am always thinking about different ways that I may improve the site.

As many of you have probably noticed, I have seperated the website into seperate
pages so that it is easier to navigate. To view the matrix list click on the button titled "services".
Click on the button entitled "FAQ" to see frequently asked questions with answers.
Click on the button entitled "Testimonials" to view remarks left by people who have received their item.

You've probably noticed the banner ad at the bottom of the newsletters and the website that promotes advertising in the newsletter.
Every time someone purchases advertising space it will take place of one person signing up for the newsletter to help everyone
receive their ps2 sooner.
Your feedback is welcome on this matter.  Please e-mail me your thoughts or suggestions.

PS2 Deals Iíve Found

Note: I am not affiliated with the below mentioned sites in anyway.  I am simply mentioning them for their money saving offers.

Here is a site that gives away a ton of free merchandise.
Items include PS2 Demo Discs and huge rebates on other ps2 merchandise.

Here is a site that has excellent deals on playstation 2 games.

This webpage compares different companies that you can rent PS2 games
from. They charge a monthly fee, but there are no due dates, or late fees.

Money Saving and Wholesale Deals

This site gives away new merchandise for free.

Here is a directory of Surplus Dealers. If you are interested
in buying in bulk and reselling on e-bay, surplus is the way to go.

This company offers thousands of products at wholesale, and they also dropship.

Here is a Website where thousands of Companies submit merchandise they give a way for free.

This Website offers all kinds of wholesale deals, and information
on finding wholesale deals.

Become a Successful E-bay Seller

This section will be an actual course in becoming a Successful E-bay Seller, with each newsletter, being a separate lesson.

I hope each and every one of you find this section helpful and valuable.
In January's newsletter I emphasized on how important it was to learn html code if you want to give your auctions
a more professional appearance, and how html can help to create an interesting E-bay Me page to help you sell
other programs or items you are offering.
There are thousands of free websites that will allow anyone to learn basic html code.

Simply type "free html code" into the search box on your browser, and click on search.
Thousands of sites will show up, just pick your favorite.

I prefer to use the following site:

I am going to begin a complete lesson in html in my newsletters! These Lessons will be for those who do not have Microsoft Frontpage.
If you have Microsoft Frontpage it is much easier to write a auction description, or webpage in html.
Click Here for Chapter One


Writing the Perfect E-bay Ad

The Title Gets You Noticed

In order for someone to see your ad, they have to go through the trouble to take their mouse, put it over your title and click on it! If they do not do this one thing, it doesn't matter how great your item is, and how good your auction description is, the simple reality is you are not going to sell a thing to them if your Title isn't good!  Therefore, one of the most important things that you will do is create a title for your ad.

Use Relevant Words in Your Title

The thing that I feel is the MOST IMPORTANT when coming up with your title is to include the relevant words.  Ok, this sounds really stupid, but you would be surprised at the amount of titles that tell you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  You must be extremely specific in your titles about exactly what you are selling.  If you have an autographed Mickey Mantle photo, don't use the title "Mickey Mantle".  I don't care if it is in the autograph section of the auction website, this is not descriptive enough, and a lot of people may miss your ad.  Use something more like "RARE MICKEY MANTLE AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO" and you will be amazed at the difference in the amount of bids you will get. Remember that a lot of people will use the search feature to find the items that they are looking for, and make sure you include the words that they are most likely to search for in your title!  I am a huge video game fan and love to search for good deals.  If I am searching for a particular item that is different than most, key words are exactly how it comes up in a search.  So remember, think about what your buyer is searching for, and give it to them in your title!

Use Words That Will Grab the Buyers Attention

The other thing you want to do in the title is use words that will GRAB the attention of the buyer.  After all, they have literally thousands and thousands of titles to look at, and you want them to take a closer look at yours.  How do you get their attention?



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I hope you found this months newsletter informative and helpful.

Please E-mail me with any Questions about the newsletter or Website.


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