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Trackmania is an unique game where you can create your own tracks and race on them. They can also be shared online at and Trackmania Exchange
Trackmania Sunrise is the sequel to the original Trackmania and is much faster and better, with 3 new enviroments and new game modes, as well as lots of other features.
You can find my Sunrise tracks here.

They can also be found here.

I've also got some signs for Speedup and Sunrise- Get them below (click on the pictures to download) Note- These are edited screenshots to fit advertisment signs in Speedup/Sunrise.

Mashed sign Part 1 Mashed sign part 2

Mashed Sign:

The 'Mashed' sign is in 2 parts. Part 1 is the top half of the picture and Part 2 is of the bottom. When you are placing the signs in the editor, Part 1 is the top sign skin and Part 2 the bottom sign skin.

All the files should be copied, not unzipped into *Sunrise/Speedup install folder*/Gamedata/Skins/Any/Advertisment/