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PITCHURS!i have gotten all the pictures off my digital camera and here they are.

1)These ones are taken oct 26 from our awesome road trip to cleveland


 Us with cleveland in the background

            We dont have brain damage, i swear

phil says: no trucks

hummers are expensive but worth the money

jacobs field . And a payphone in a gas station parking lot . We made calls to people back home from this phone

         The same gas station as the above picture

           Gas stations are neat



 Peanuts with basketballs and baseballs inside of them painted on a purple wall

 We are driving .

 Phil “science is awesome” allport.

 The rock and roll hall of fame. We did not go here. to the left of this building is the science center. I highly reccomend the science center, you can rap about the great lakes over a loudspeaker.

You can’t tell but this is a giant billboard that says “ADULT”. Thats it, just adult.

2) the 2003 prom after party was at my cottage, heres a couple of pics from that party. I did not go to this prom but these 100 or so people just like me so much they came over to say hi.

the ol’ back deck

and the beautiful results

A couple of people in the morning

yea hopefully there will be more of these in the future.

3) Easter vacation 2003

jamsions basment aka our clubhouse

and this is another one

kayley in my kitchen .....I didnt even have people over she just randomly showed up and started going into my fridge for some reason


and some more of this

this is my leg

some people sitting at andy vaeth’s house

phil: thumbs up

4) And the one oddball picture

Here is a picture of jamison and mark, its hard to see. This picture was taken at courtney kenyons house when she had a grad party for joe czelusta

(probally spelled wrong)

well thats about it . In conclusion, digital photography is a great new way to capture those priceless moments, check out your local wal-mart superstore for the top prices on digital cameras for the whole family.