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Pensacola Martial Arts and Fitness Academy
Home of the CFMA Chuan Fa Martial Arts Assn.

"Tis the presence of the dragon that imparts the sacred spirit,
tis the presence of virtue when one is truly rich"

Introduction to Chuan Fa Kenpo

Chuan Fa Kenpo is a system of practical and modern self-defense designed to offer the student a realistic training regimen that combines blocking, striking, kicking, throwing, and control techniques for defense against commonly occurring self defense situations without the fear of being injured. It is not a system of sport designed for points or trophies. Students find the classes challenging both physically and mentally as they work toward the rank of Black Belt. Nothing in life that is of substance is achieved without much effort and Chuan Fa Kenpo is an art for self disciplined and determined people who enjoy being challenged. Itís not right for everyone but it may be perfect for you.

Chuan Fa is a Chinese term that means to grasp the laws of nature and use them in a learned way. This philosophy lies at the heart of the system and is the foundation of the art. The original founders of Kenpo combined the most effective techniques of Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Boxing and Escrima into a self defense system that is adaptable and applicable to any situation. The lineage of Chuan Fa Kenpo can be traced back to the Kajukenbo and CHA3 Kenpo schools of Hawaii in the 1940ís and further back 2,000 years following the history of the founding disciplines. Chuan Fa Kenpo has been compared to other arts like Krav Maga and Jujitsu because of its use of leverage and economy of motion to achieve its results. However, Chuan Fa Kenpo is unique from other styles in the way that it is applied in theory and practice. Practitioners learn to apply ancient martial principles to achieve success in the modern times.

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    Shaolin Chuan Fa (Kung Fu)
    Chuan Fa is physical system of self-defense, training, health, and self healing designed to offer the student a training regime without the fear of being injured. Chuan Fa is not a system of sport designed for play nor is it a system that utilizes strength and aggression. It is a system designed by monks for self-defense and is therefore an art that can be performed by both men and women.

    Tai Chi
    Tai Chi is the ancient art of moving meditation comprised of a series of slow flowing movements designed to bring about relaxation and great health. Tai Chi is a safe and fun way to exercise especially for those who may have serious health problems or considerations about their ability to participate in high impact aerobics programs. While the beginner Tai Chi classes are self paced and low impact, Tai Chi can be an effective form of self defense.

    Self Defense for Women
    The Self Defense Course for Women is a new program that the association is bringing to Pensacola. While new to Pensacola, the course has been taught with regularity in Atlanta for many years. The program is designed to help women gain a better understanding of what muggers, rapists and other assailants look for in a victim. By understanding the characteristics of the attacker, women can help prevent and better react to dangerous situations. Most self defense courses for women last for 1-7 days and leave women with some good information but few lasting skills or techniques that will be applicable when needed. Our emphasis is on continuing classes that improve awareness, mental attitude, self confidence and foster a safe and practical training environment. The course will focus on saftey training for women ages 13-and up (Children under 13 may be admitted at the instructors discretion). This is a perfect mother-daughter activity that may save your life someday.

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    Class Schedule
    Kenpo Beginners Class
    is Tues and Thurs from 6:00 until 7:15 (Minimum age is 12 years of age)

    Beginners Tai Chi
    New Tai Chi Beginners class at 5:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday at Sanders Beach Corinne Jones Community Center

    Contact US
    Sanders Beach-Corrine Jones Community Center
    913 South I Street
    Room 107
    (850) 393-1106 Voicemail Mr. Francis

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