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The Store, Buy Yo Shit Weapons

Sai-400 dollars

Machette-50 dollars

Spear gun-600 dollars

Hatchet-30 dollars

P90(smg)- 10,000 dollars

Sharp Stick- FREE

Kitchen knife-FREE

Axe-100 dollars

9 mm-100 dollars

MP5(smg)-9000 dollars

Glock-300 dollars

Silenced Glock-450 dollars

switchblade-50 dollars

AK-47-1000 dollars

Shotgun-900 dollars (for an extra 100 you can get it sawed off)

Bazooka-13,000 dollars

Grenade-600 dollars

Mini-Gun-10,000 dollars

Desert Eagle-7000 dollars

Sniper Rifle-8000 dollars

BroadSword-800 dollars

Throwing knifes(2)-300 dollars

Blow Darts with Blow Dart Shooter-400 dollars

Awesome Blade-200 dollars

Numchucks-100 dollars

Katana-200 dollars

Chainsaw-800 dollars

Bow and Arrows-700 dollars

Flamethrower-2000 dollars

Body Armor(defensive in fights)-2000 dollars

Colt Python- 5500 dollars

Revolver- 650 dollars

Brass knuckles- 200 dollars

Night Stick- 200 dollars

Whip- 200 dollars

Flash bang- 600 dollars

Cool black leather Jacket- 300 dollars

Whores aka Hoes

Superb Whore-20000 dollars
Medikore Whore-10000 dollars
Poor Whore-500 dollars
Trashy old nasty Whore-2 dollars (comes with HIV and Herpes which take away power)
Sheep- You die!!!


The Fuckin' Chronic-400 dollars (health +10)
Crank-1050 dollars (health +35)
Coke-1000 dollars (health +30)
Weed-300 dollars (health +5)
Crack-700 dollars (health +40)
Heroine-1000 dollars (health +50)
Crystal Meth-3000 dollars (health +70)
Ecstacy-1040 dollars (health +45)

Health items

(These items are for those that choose to keep there character to keep looking cool, some may not like our items to fill you up on. Also, this is better for the people that have police, police officers taking drugs is not good)

Small Med-400 (health+15)
Medium Med- 800 (health+30)
Large Med-1600 (health+50)
Trip to the local doctor-1700 (health+100)(A cop get's 25% of visiting the doctor)

Get your shit by send the owners a message, I am sure they would gladly hook you up...