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This is Where You Fuckin' Stand

Name: Little Tim
Weight: 260 lbs
Height: 6'3
History: Was handed down the Family by his father after working for him all his life.
Favourite Weapon: AK-47
Good or Bad: Bad
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other): Leader of the Little Tim Family.
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Gangster, ruler of Little Tim Family.

Name: Da Real Will
Weight: 225
History: Da Real Will was born in Atlanta, Georgia at 3:30pm on a bright sunny day. FUCK THIS! ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW BOUT HIS HISTORY IS THAT HE'S A FUCKED UP MOTHA FUCKAH.
Favourite Weapon: His Dick/Machine Gun
Good or Bad: BAD
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other): I aint workin for no one that I dont know damnit.
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Thug/Gangster

Name: Mike "The Dragon" Lee
Weight: 145 lbs.
Height: 5'6''
History: He's The Deadliest Man You'll Ever Meet. He Might Be Small In Size But Never Come Within 6 Feet Of This Man. No Guns Wont Help You
Favourite Weapon: Staff, Nunchucks, Katana
Good or Bad: Good and Bad, he really cant trust someone he hasnt meet personally. He'll become your friend after he kills yo ass
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other): Little Timmy, He's if Bodyguard/Hitman but him and Timmy are really close no one fucks with Timmy, if they do they have Lee to answer too
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Kung Fu Hitman/BodyGuard

Name: Jay Nelson
Weight: 152
Height: 5"11
History: Former bodyguard for the U.S. President. Thrown out of the government for being found as a hitmanfor the very man he was protecting. Now he's in the dumps and looking for trouble and money. Known for using his head in a tough situation.
Favourite Weapon: Dual Pistols, Katana
Good or Bad: It all depends if your good and piss him off hes bad, works the other way around. What do you expect nickname the badass.
Works For: Nobody
Status: Hitman, Gangsta

Name: Romeo Slaughter
Weight: 220 lbs
Height: 5'11"
History: Romeo had problems from day one, psychotic tendencies, fasicinatoin with violence. He was said to be possessed. His family tried to ignore it, until Romeo purposely ran his brother over with a lawn mower. The sent Romeo to a psychiatric ward, he excaped however, and joined a cult, working under evils name. He now has lead a life of murder and he still hungers for blood. He is pure evil
Favourite Weapon: Kitchen Knife, Axe, His Teeth
Good or Bad: Pure Evil
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other): Loner
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Gothic Cultish Murderer

Name: Fucked up Frankie (or F.F.)
Weight: 183lbs
Height: 6'3"
History: Never been busted and has been working as a pimp/drug dealer for over 20 years.
Favourite Weapon: Never carrys one but his guards do.. why would he want to be caught with a consealed weapon?
Good or Bad: Depends who you ask his workers like him but anyone who crosses him doesnt. Also known to associate with both good and bad guys?
(optional)Works for: Perfers Little Tim yet works for no one but himself.
Status: Underground Nark who has gone bad and rats out his enemys. The cops know he's bad but as long as he's turning people in he is clean.

Name: Zack Pipper
Weight: 200lbs
History: Raised in Harlem Zack didn't get much of an education. Although he is quite fit and can take a beating. Zack failed High school, but his father got him into college where there he took a police course which eventually lead to Zack becoming a detective. Zack was first a Traffic officer.
Favourite Weapon: Beretta, Fist
Good or Bad: Good
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other): A Police officer for the N.Y.P.D
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): A police officer for the N.Y.P.D (Detective)

Name: Tyler 'The Snake' Jones
Weight: 200lbs
History: Former street fighter, turned all round thug. Did time for one of the biggest robberies in US history (The October 99 robbery for Salem Hazen) meet up with Jasmine Kober who is now a close friend and a gang member in Tyler's gang 'the snakes'
Favourite Weapon: Colt 45./Remington Shot gun
Good or Bad: It's dibatable More good
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other): Himself
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Wildcard/Thug/gang leader

Name: Jasmine Kober
Weight: 130
Height: 5"6
History: Jasmine is a very beautiful women but watch out she is also a worm. She'll get info for anyone about anyone they want just name your price. Oh by the way no hitting on this girl she'll kick your ass.
Favourite Weapon: Pump Action Shot Gun, UZI
Good or Bad: Good and Bad
Works for? Tyler Jones
Status : Saducive Worm

Name: Jaoru Ikaruga
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 5'8"
History: He was born into the Yakuza(Jap Mafia) but ran off to America for more 'opportunities'
Favourite Weapon: Mauren MP4KA4 and katana
Good or bad: Bad
Status: Mercenary

Name: Serra Alicia
Weight: 120
History: ex prison mate (lol)
Favourite Weapon: knight stick
Good or Bad: bad
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Vixen

Height:6' 6"
History: x-con @ max security prison. in for murder of 7 people. a family of four & three cops
Favourite Weapon: Shotgun
Good or Bad: BAD
(optional)Works for? (Loner, Little Timmy, other):nobody
Status (Mercenary, Gangster, Hitman, Cop, Thug,other): Hitman

Name: Billy Max
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6'3"
History: Believed to be a figurehead in the Outlaw Mafia, but only ever convicted for fraud, and one acquition for armed robbery.
Favourite Weapon: Tommy Gun
Good or Bad: Bad (mostly..he's a family guy really)
Works for: No-one...yet!
Status: Gangster