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Taekwondo Club Bylaws     
New Jersey City University
Article 1: Mission Statement
1.1: This organization shall be known as the New Jersey City University Taekwondo Club.  The recognized abbreviation of the Taekwondo Club shall be NJCU TKD. 
1.2: The purpose of the Taekwondo Club is to provide social, competitive, and athletic opportunities to its members. 

Article 2: Requirements for General Membership

2.1: All Students who are current undergraduate or graduate students at New Jersey City University are eligible for General Membership Standing.
2.2:  General members are able to vote on matters put forth by the Executive Council or by members during General Meetings.
2.3: No person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, sex, age, or other discriminatory standards.

Article 3: Taekwondo Executive Council 

3.1: The Executive Council shall be the governing body of the Taekwondo Club Society.
3.2: Members of the Executive Council cannot be on academic probation.  Members of the Executive Council must possess at least a yellow belt in Taekwondo.
3.3: The Executive Council shall consist of at least five members to be elected by members of the General Membership of the Taekwondo Club.  These officers are as follows:
         1. President
         2. Vice-President
         3. Secretary
         4. Treasurer
                 5. Public Information Officer
3.4: Nominations for Executive Council shall be opened on the Monday of the first week of April and closed on Friday of the second week of April each year.
3.5:  Elections for Executive Council shall be held and completed during the fourth week of April of the same year.
3.6:  A majority of the vote is needed to gain election to Executive Council.
3.7: Nominations to office in the Executive Council can be self-nominated and/or by another member in good standing.
3.8: An Executive Council member’s term will last one (l) academic year, beginning at the conclusion of the previous council’s term and ending at the last meeting in May.
3.9: The newly elected president shall serve as the president during the subsequent summer months.  If the newly elected president cannot fulfill his/her obligation during the summer, a temporary president shall be appointed to fill position until fall term.
3.10: No member can serve for more than two consecutive terms in any one office position.
3.11: Any Executive Council member may be impeached by a two-thirds vote of the council.
3.12: Three (3) or more unexcused absences by any Executive Council member from Council meetings shall be grounds to initiate impeachment.
3.13: Executive Council meetings must attend at least one General Meeting a month.
3.14: Unexcused tardiness in excess of twenty (20) minutes after council starting time shall be considered an unexcused absence.
3.15: Vacancies in the Executive Council shall be filled at the discretion of the council.
3.16: All members of the Executive Council are required to assist JiHo Choi Taekwondo Institute with at least two competitions during their term.
3.17: The Executive Council must represent the Taekwondo Club through the presence of at least one member at every competition.  The representative member must assist JiHo Choi Taekwondo Institute during the competition.

Article 4: Offices
4.1: Elected members of the General Membership shall fill the executive offices of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
4.2: A majority of the vote shall elect the officers the election period as stated in Article 3.4-5
4.3: Officers may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the full council
4.4: Powers and responsibilities of the president:
           A.  The president shall have the power to open, close, call and preside over Executive Council and General meetings.
           B.   The president shall prepare all meeting agendas
           C.   The president shall not be a voting member of the council except to make or break a tie.
           D.   The president shall have the power to appoint members of the Taekwondo Club to ad-hoc committees. 
           E.   The president shall enforce all by-laws.
           F.   The president can appoint positions as necessary to members of the Taekwondo Club.
         G.   Be the official representative of the Taekwondo Club at Student Government meetings.  If the president is unable to attend meetings, a member may be     appointed by     the council to fill this role.

4.5: Powers and responsibilities of the vice president:
       A.  The vice president shall hold the same powers as the president in his/her absence. 
       B:  The vice president shall act as liaison between the Student Government Organization (SGO). 
       C:  The vice president shall act as sergeant-at-arms during council activities to maintain order. 
      D:  The vice president is responsible for the care of the American and Korean National flag.  This responsibility also includes the presentation of flags before workouts and meetings.
       E:  The vice president will oversee meetings regarding revision of the Taekwondo Club by-laws.

4.6: Powers and responsibilities of the treasurer:
        A.   The treasurer shall keep a running account of the financial status of the Taekwondo Club and shall work to coordinate both the income and expenses thereof. 
        B.   The treasurer shall be responsible for obtaining all purchase orders and other tender required by the Taekwondo Club. 
        C.  The treasurer shall be responsible for depositing all funds generated by the Taekwondo Club. 
        D.   The treasurer shall report the financial status of the Taekwondo Club upon request. 
        E.   The treasurer shall oversee fundraising activities and committees.
        F.   The treasurer must prepare a fiscal plan for the year and must present it by the third meeting.

4.7: Powers and responsibilities of the secretary:
        A.   The secretary shall keep records of all official Executive Council meetings, of which a copy will be given to the Taekwondo Club advisor and be posted on the Taekwondo Club website. 
         B.   The secretary shall report the minutes of the previous meeting at all council meetings.

4.8: Powers and responsibilities of the public information officer:
        A. The officer shall maintain updates of the NJCU TKD official website.
        B. The officer is responsible for aiding the president in the creation of the     monthly newsletter and in its distribution.
       C. The officer is responsible for the creation and distribution of advertisements,     posters, and other means of creating interest in club. 

Article 5: Taekwondo Club Newsletter
5.1: The newsletter editor position will be held by the Public Information Officer or may be appointed as needed by a simple majority of the council.
5.2: This position may be filled by any member of the Taekwondo Club.
5.3: The newsletter editor may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the council.
5.4: The newsletter shall be published monthly.  It shall include information of interest to the Taekwondo Club and JiHo Choi Taekwondo Institute.
5.5: The newsletter may take the form of either paper or email. 

Article 6: Meetings
6.1: A joint meeting of the former council members and the newly elected council members shall be held in the first week of May in order to pass projects and information from one council to the next. Newly elected members shall also attend the final Executive meeting. 
6.2: All Taekwondo Club meetings shall be open to any member of the university. 
6.3: The Executive Council shall have monthly meetings during the time that school is in session.  General meetings shall meet weekly.
6.4: A quorum must be present to vote on action items at a council meeting.
6.5: A quorum shall consist of a voting majority.
6.6: A quorum shall consist of 50% + 1 member.  A quorum shall be assumed, unless specifically called for.

Article 7: Amendments
7.1: Amendments to by-laws may be proposed by any member of the Taekwondo Club. 
7.2: Amendments to these by-laws may be made with approval of two-thirds of the Taekwondo Club.

Article 8: Advisor
8.1: The advisor of the Taekwondo Club shall be a one recognized faculty member of New Jersey City University.  The advisor will preferably be, but not limited to, the New Jersey City University resident Taekwondo/Karate Instructor. 
8.2: The advisor shall:
            1. Have all privileges of an active member, except those of voting at meetings and elections, nor shall the faculty advisor be permitted to hold office
            2. Assist the Taekwondo Club in projects of interest
            3. Assist the Treasurer and President in preparing a budget for the next fiscal year. 

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