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|||About Us|||
        NJCU Tae Kwon Do, located at New Jersey City University in Jersey City, is composed of Tae Kwon Do athletes of all ranks.  Our goal is to provide social, competitive, and athletic opportunities to all of our members.  

        Our club is a branch of the Jiho Choi Tae Kwon Do Institute in West New York.  Our master instructor is Master Raul Martinez.  We are also taught by Grand Master Choi, Master Kim, and Master Shin of the Jiho Choi school.  You do not have to attend or be a member of the Jiho Choi Tae Kwon Do institute to join our club.  We welcome Tae Kwon Do students from all schools.

        Students of New Jersey City University are able to enroll in Master Martinez's Tae Kwon Do class as a course and receive a total of three credit hours.  At the end of the course, students are given the opportunity to continue in Tae Kwon Do for a fee of $60 a semester.  We welcome any NJCU students who are interested in studying Tae Kwon Do.
        Students interested in enrolling can do so at the Registrar's Office in Hepburn Hall Room 214.  The Registrar's Office can be reached by calling (201) 200-3333.

        If you have no prior experience in the martial arts, we recommend that you enroll in the Tae Kwon Do course (listed as "Karate" in master course list). While this is not required, it is, in our opinion, the best way to begin your training.

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