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Onawa, Iowa is a rural, County Seat community in West Central Iowa. This location was selected because it is situated right in the heart of the National Hot Rod Association's (N.H.R.A.) largest National Division.

Division V encompasses the states of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming, and Colorado. In addition to these states, the Division also includes a large portion of Canada.

Oddly enough, as the NHRA's largest National Division, it has the fewest number of tracks, and the need for a new, state-of-the-art facility is very strong. The only major tracks currently operating in this Division are Heartland Park, in Kansas; Bandimere, in Colorado; Route 66 Speedway, in Illinois; and Brainard, in Minnesota. These are the only tracks in Division V that are capable of hosting events that can attract the 'Big Guns' of N.H.R.A. racing. Onawa, Iowa is ideally situated right in the center of all these other tracks. This limited number of tracks would greatly increase the success of such a venture.

Surveys done in the Siouxland market area alone, clearly indicate the need for such a new, state-of-the-art facility in the largest of N.H.R.A.'s National Divisions. . .with nearly 600 potential racers and over 2,500 spectators responding.

There are nearly 300 automobile Clubs in the Tri-State area of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota alone, emphasizing a large amount of automotive interests.

This proposed new track would play host to 28 regularly scheduled weekend races per year, through a season that would typically run from April 1 to October 1 each year, in addition to a variety of special events throughout the year.

N.H.R.A. has recognized Onawa as an "excellent location", close to large metropolitan areas to draw both competitors and spectators from. These include such cities as Sioux Falls, Sioux City, Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines. Averages indicate 175-300 plus potential racers on a weekly basis.

The proposed site also offers good, paved roads both in and out, with direct access to Interstate 29 and a direct link to Nebraska on Highway 175, which runs east and west through the community.

Other major Interstates and Highways within an hour or so from the proposed track include Interstate 90 to the north, Interstate 80 to the south, and Interstate 35 to the east. All these major thoroughfares provide additional links to cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis and Denver.

N.H.R.A. Drag Racing was born over five decades ago, with the founders recognizing America's fascination with speed and its passion for technology.

Today, N.H.R.A. Championship Drag Racing is the World's LARGEST Motorsports venue, attracting nearly 100,000 bracket racers and over 6.5 million fans annually.

The average drag race fan attends more than six races per year, and generally travels more than 100 miles to attend or participate in races. A large number of fans (nearly 50%) stay overnight while attending a major race. Most of these stay before, during and after the race, with a family typically spending aobut $500 per day in a community while attending a major event.

The proposed facility in Onawa, Iowa would include a 100' x 4,500' area for the track, grandstands and timing tower, along with adjacent areas for pits, return roads, concessions, restrooms, spectator and RV parking. The burn-out area would be constructed of concrete, 300' in length, 6" in depth, and 40' in width.

Plans for the facility have been tentatively approved for Sanctioning by N.H.R.A. officials. Final approval would come upon completion of the facility to their specifications. This sanctioning would include a Division V Regional Points Meet at this location, in addition to the 28 regularly scheduled race weekends. . .

"This area is the perfect location for an N.H.R.A. West Central Division V Drag Racing Series Event." according to Darrell Zimmerman, former West Central Regional Director for Division V. "This is a location that many years ago, hosted N.H.R.A. Regional Events on the old Sioux City Airport, and they were a great success." these were put to rest by stricter FAA regulations at that site.
"A new, state-of-the-art facility at Onawa, would even make it bigger and better than ever."

Mike Lewis, former Vice-President of Field Administration for N.H.R.A. stated "All of us at N.H.R.A. pledge our support of your efforts. Please let us know what we can do to assist. We look forward to a assisting in any way."

"Your Business Proforma looks very professional and someone did a lot of work on it. A very outstanding job. The N.H.R.A. and I are very excited about Onawa Raceway Park. We can't wait for ground breaking ceremonies so that we can announce the coming of Onawa to the Drag Racing World."
"You can rest assured that an N.H.R.A. Vice-President and I will be present at the ground breaking ceremony. We are looking forward to working with your group with the remainder of the planning, the construction, and also the operation of Onawa Raceway Park."
"I am also looking forward to the possibility of having another major track in Division V. If everything goes as planned, and all the requirements are met, we could be there soon!"
Darrell Zimmerman
former Division V West Central Regional Director

Net profits for such a track can approach $1 million after expenses, while immediate revenues for the host city (and surrounding area) can easily run as high as $8 million!! Total economic impact, considering the 'pass-around' rate on the dollar, has been reported to be as high as $20 million for a major event in other host cities.

"We would like to book ThunderRoad Drag Strip for a Division V West Central Division Regional Event if we can be ready."
Darrell Zimmerman
former Division V West Central Regional Director

This project currently has over 300 acres of ground that can be acquired for the facility. This ground runs parellel to Interstate 29 with paved road access from two directions, and the possibility of addition connecting access once the facility is constructed.

Not included in our revenue projections, are over a dozen additional three-to-four-day weekend events that we've had inquiries about booking at this facility. These events would provide additional revenues over and above the 28 regularly scheduled weekend races and the Division V West Central Regional Event.

Total cost for this project includes land acquisition and all construction for a turn-key operation. This facility would be capable of hosting those thundering Top Fuel, 6,000+ horsepower racers that are currently running the quarter mile at a blistering 330 m.p.h. in a mere 4.5 seconds!!


Do you like the idea of having a state of the art 1/4 mile strip in Onawa? Do have any suggestions on the track layout, proposed ides or things needed? WERE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR INVESTORS TO MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY!!!! Let us know what you think!!!!! e-mail us at: or write to:

ThunderRoad Promotions, Inc.
dba ThunderRoad Drag Strip
P.O. Box 418
Onawa, Iowa 51040
ThunderRoad Drag Strip
Division V's Proposed NEW HOME of 330 mph
Onawa, Iowa 51040

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