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GOING ON MISSION TRIPS MY WAR STORIES!!!!! Going on summer mission trips with Teen Mania was the most life changing choice that I every have made in my walk with God. When you are out on the the field you realize that your life means something and you can make a different. My first Trip was summer of 2001 to Juarez Mexico, which start me on a life time of being a world changer. In training that summer I was wondering why I was here and can God use me to make a difference. In training Ron Luce talked about how has christian we are fishin out of the fish bowel when there is an ocean of people who never heard about Chirst. Pastor Wally told us of the story about how he was in Jail In Saudi for preaching about Christ and how bady he was treated. His testmony made me cry of i realize that I have been selfish thinking only of what only people taught about me when there is billion of people who die without having a change to Know Christ. On the mission field I will have lead Eric to christ, because after hearing my testimony about how God delivered me from a destructive lifestyle he wanted God to do the same for him. A boy named Ruban who had many operations to try to fix his eyesight which none worked but by the power of God he can see now. Not only was the nationals life changed but my life was chaned to for the first time in my life I taught of people beside myself. God used that first trip to began a change in my life that he is begining to past. For I realize that God loves me for who I am and not what I have done or what had happen to me. God become to heal some of my hurts from the past. California Native American trip taught me and strength me even more. We where based out of Hemet California and we stay on Black Buffelo campground called Youth for Truth. Do to being stationed together and have only 45 people we came to know the whole project well. Our trip was a servant evamlisming and personal evamlisming. We painted churhes on two different reservations. One was in worst condition and now it looks brand new because we worked together. When I was cleaning up a landfill I realize that will I watched shows that encourages witchcraft that is what i was doin to my spirit. God dealt with my view of relationships that is not some game and only meant when I am ready to commit to a guy. That missions is about people and not numbers. I hope you will consider missions you will be glad you did!
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