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Laynes Page

All about my friends
Well my closest and best would have to be the infamous DREW.(aka the lil duck...but you'll never hear of me to speak of another guy by his mushy nickname..i'm just not gay..sorry ) ..of course you'll hear alot about him on my site and things of that nature....he is my best friend and i can trust him with anything (likewise).....well next would be Chris...(aka..Wiley..although i wouldn't trust him with my deppest secrets i can still trust would be Scott aka scuffy..i can trust him as much as drew...he is and is to be considered my spiritual advisor...well thats all i can think of as of this moment plus its here is just some stuff to know...

best friend: Drew
girlfriend: none..sniff
funniest: Wiley and Drew
smartest: Scuffy...(of course scuffy)
most trustworthy (guy): Drew
most trustworthy (girl): Jenny
who i like: haha no no figure it out


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