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Jeff Hardy & Lita

~::~X-TrEmE DiVa AmY "LiTa" DuMaS~::~

::Disclaimer:: This Layout Was Made for "Lita" it is not associated with Amy Dumas or the WWE in any way...::End Disclaimer::

*+* Scene One - Hotel Room *+*

* The Scene Opens Up in a Hotel as we See Lita Lying on the Bed with her Eyes Closed then Jeff Hardy Walks in the bedroom and starts to talk *

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** Hey Lita u a Wake i got something for u that you might like to hear about.

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** Yeah i am a wake (Open's Eyes)what is it Jeff What would you like to tell me i am Tired right now and we have a long day tommorrow.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** I am the Number One Contereder for the Undersputed title at Royel Rumble can you believe it.

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** (Saying it in a Bad mood way) No i cant believe it now can u leave me alone for abit please.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** Whats Wrong with you, You don,t even care that i might be the next Champion, Fine if you like me to leave i will but right now i dont like it one Bit that you have you Dirty Boots on the fed now take them off.

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** (Moves Feet off the Bed) HAPPY JEFF!!!!!!!

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** No im not take them off NOW!!!!!!!

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** Good Night Jeff get out before i hurt you.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** FINE!!!! if you wont take them off i will.

* Jeff Hardy then Walks over to Lita, Push Up her Trouse then Unzips the First Boot he then Puts it on the Floor and then Rolls her over Part off her Trouse and Unzips the other Boots and pulls that off then throws it on the floor.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** (Calms Down) Lita see that was not hard and what is Wrong with you.

** Lita ** Im just Tired and we have a business Day tommorrow so please let me Sleep and yes i do care about you being No1 Contereder and i know you will win.

* Jeff Hardy then Lies on the bed Next to Lita and Moves her hair out of her face then kiss her on the lips *

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** (Smiles) Jeff im Sorry i shouted at you but i say we go sleep and we can have the best Time of are lifes Tommorrow you have that Big Interveiw With Jim Ross and The King. You know why i was not shock i know about the match before you and i know you will be the next Champion.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** U little Witch you know all a long and did not tell me how could you.

*Gets on top off Lita as there Start to smile and then they Kiss again but this time its a bigger kiss it stops about 5 mins Later.*

Scene Two - Hotel Room (Next Day).

* Lita is Seen Getting Ready in the bedroom when she Put on Her T-shirt (with the Heart in the middle and has Lita in the Middle of the Heart) Then she Puts on her Trouse Then Her Boots and Zips them Up, Lita then Walks out to see Jeff Hardy Getting Ready for his Big Interveiw, Lita walks From behind him and Puts her arms around him as Jeff looks around and sees Lita.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** Your Looking Nice Today Darling and im not sure its been the first Time because you always Nice.

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** Thanx you, are you ready Jeff.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** Yes come on lets go.

* Lita & Jeff Hardy then Walk out off the hotel in holding hands as the scene Cuts when there both get in a Limo and it Divas Off *

*+* Scene Three - Parking Lock*+*

* When a hour has pass we see a Limo pull in the newwwe Parking lock *

Lita & Jeff Hardy are Here!

* The Limo Stops, Then a door opens and we see Jeff Hardy get out of the limo then he puts hes hand in side and takes out his Lovely Wife Lita, Then Jeff Hardy gets his bags and Litas Bags, They then walk in the Building as the Fans See them and Cheer.

Fan's: Lita, Jeff, Lita, Jeff, Lita

* As we follow Lita and Jeff Hardy backstage there are last seen Walking down the newwwe Hall before it goes to a break *

Lita and Jeff are Here!

*+* Scene Four - Ringside *+*

* Heat Gets Ready to Start as it shows what going to happen on the night *

Jeff Hardy & Lita's Interveiw!

* Then We go to ringside with Jim Ross and the King *

Jim Ross and The King!

+* Jim Ross *+ Hey People Welcome to Heat and what a night we have here for you lot we will get a Interview with the Number one Contereder Tonight and my be he will be joined by Lita we have to wait a see.

*+ The King +* Hey People can you believe we are going to see a Match that we did not think will every happen Between Jeff Hardy the Crusierweight Champion and the World Champion Triple H at the Rumble.

+* Jim Ross *+ That match is sure going to be Hell of a good one i can not wait for it is going to be a Really Good Match and im sure that Jeff Hardy will give it all his Best to talk the title off him.

*+ Jim Ross +* I think we are ready for a interveiw with the Number one Contereder Jeff Hardy along side with is Wife Lita.

* Secs Later Music hits and the Number one Conterder Jeff hardy and Lita walk out to the top of the ramp.

Jeff Hardy and Lita on there way!

* Jeff Hardy and Lita then Walk over to the Table where Jim Ross and The King is and we get the Interveiw started. *

**** The Interveiw ****

** Jim Ross ** Hi Jeff & lita welcome to heat and u know what you are hear for and now my first thing i going to ask you is on 25th of Jan at the Royel Rumble you will get a Chance to win the World Heavyweight title and maybe go to the main Event of Wrestlemaina.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** Hey Jim you like to know what i feel about my title shot at the rumble will you see i think that i will win the title and i will go to Wrestlemaina and be in the main Event as the Champion thats what i feel about it JR.

** The King ** Woooow i so hot here because i might be sitting next to the Hottest woman in the wwe now how are you Lita and do you think that you will ever Let them Puppies out.

** Lita - Queen Of Extreme ** King you can shut your mouth now and no i will not never let them out to people like you, Now i know what you are King you are a person that loves girls Just for there Puppies, Look at me when im talking unless my Puppies are talking to you somehow but now i like to Move away from you.

* Lita then Gets up and moves to the over side off Jim Ross as Jim asking Jeff Hardy something esle *

** Jim Ross ** Now you have done it King but anyway back to you match at the Rumble we know that you are the Cruiserweight Champion but if you win at the Rumble not only u will be the Champion of the Cruiserweight you will be the Champion of all of them hows that sound.

** Jeff Hardy - The Xtreme One ** Well that sounds cool and i promise you that i will be the next champion and thats all i got to say so if you will let me and lita leave right now then maybe we will have a 2nd Interveiw next week so thanx you for your time and this is the last think im say Triple H i will be the next Champion and that is the end of that because you know why i will become the champion because i am the xtreme One.

* Jeff Hardy and Lita then Leaves as the Scene Close *

** Scene Close **