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Lita +Queen Of Extreme+

~::~X-TrEmE DiVa AmY "LiTa" DuMaS~::~

::Disclaimer:: This Layout Was Made for "Lita" it is not associated with Amy Dumas or the WWE in any way...::End Disclaimer::

Scene Begins

As the Scene Opens we Hear Lovefurypassionenergy Hit

Lita then Comes to the top of the ramp as the fans cheer for Her as she walks down the ramp

Lita! Lita! Lita! Lita! Lita!

Lita then is next seen At the bottom of the ramp with the fans screaming her name as loud as there can

Lita then Walks up the ring steps

Lita gets in the ring under the 2nd Rope when she gets in The Coach is in there ready to have a interveiw with her

There both look at each other as Lita smiles

The Coach then starts to talk as we get under way with the interveiw bnut before he can talk lita takes a mic and cuts him off as she puts it to her lips

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Coach there is no need to Talk i know what this Interveiw is about, Its about me Going in to smackdown Tommorrow and going to face a good friend of mine for the women's Title and Coach when me and Trish get in the ring tommorrow night i can tell you that you will see one of the Best Women Matchs in the wwe when we both will kick the hell out of each other and you know why we will kick the hell out of each other Just so me and her will walk out with the Women's Title thats all it is about to win the title and i do anything to try and win it so right now Coach u are looking at one of the Best Divas in the WWE and you like to know who the other one is, It is the one and Only my Best Friend Trish Stratus and on Smackdown we are going to show all of you people what we can do maybe she will kick my ass and Walk out of smackdown still champion or maybe i will kick her ass and walk out of Smackdown with the title it dont matter to me which way it goes because after smackdown i will know me or Trish has the title not no one esle thats what makes me happy so Trish i hope you are watching because im going say on smackdown make best women win because i know this is going to be one of the biggest Women's title matchs in the wwe and i can not wait to get in the ring with u, The Thing is Trish who every wins can we still be Friends who ever wins on smackdown as we are both hurt as we Kicked the crap out of each other, I would love to have that Gold around me for the 2nd Time but i know you will do anything to stop that i know you went thro hell at The Ppv to beat Torrie wilson for the title and i know you will do the same what you did then in are match.

Lita then stops talking as Coach goes to put the mic to his Mouth as lita cuts him off before he talks

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Coach shut the hell up no one likes to hear what you have to say in MY interview i like to do it myself as i know and the fans know you talk a load of Crap but i will tell you every thing i like to get off my chest and there are on Smackdown Goldberg might be thinking backstage that matt Hardy going to be at ringside and help me win the Women's Title well thats where your wrong i wont let him out there what ever happnes its going to be a fair match one on one and like i said we will make the Best Women Win, Now Coach what is it you like to say in MY interview.

** The Coach ** Well Lita there is one thing i like to say and that is on Smackdown your be Facing your Best Firend for her wom..........

Lita stops Coach again as she gets closer to him

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Coach why are you telling me to answer that when i have already told you and i just find out that u are one of the shitys Interview in the WWE now listen to me this time thats if you can, Now Coach on Smackdown i think that one of us is going to walk out of Smackdown with the Women's title and thats all i care about have you got any more Qs to say that i have not said about if you do i will really give the fans what there came for

Lita waits for Coach to talk as she stands there looking at him

** The Coach ** About i get to talk but i like to ask you so you staying that Matt Hardy wont be at Ringside its going to be a one on one Match you vs Trish *Coach Smiles* Yeah Right i can tell you all that Matt Hardy will be at Ringside there is no way Lita can come to the ring on her own with out her boyfrined..........

Lita then Stops coach as she starts to talk again

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** u really are when of the biggest Peice of Crap i have seen in my life and you talk so much Crap but i say i dont come to the ring with out Matt Hardy, As i am looking right now i am in the ring and i dont see matt hardy in the Ring do you coach but like you said i i dont dare to go down to the ring on my own so im going to end this interveiw with you right now and i hope you Enjoyed it because i have and as i look in your hand now u have my Book that is so nice why dont you so the fans so there can see what it looks like

Coach then Puts the book in Litas Face as she smiles

Lita then Puts the mic back to her lips

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Yes Coach its my book and its what i was doing as i was sitting on my ass all day at home when i had nothing to do but now im here i am ready to kick ass and hoping to be the next Women's Champion i can not wait till Smackdown because im going to try and try to get that title if i dont i dont but i like to show you this Smackdown i can hurt people and of course Trish can Hurt people even me so coach when you next Talk to me i might be the next Women's Champion or i might not, and now i have something for you i will give you it in a min so if you dont mind i would like you to give me my Book because i dont like a Peice of Crap like you to have it so please.

Lita Waits for Coach to give her book as there look at each other

** The Coach ** How about No i like this book and when im done reading it i will give it to my dog and i watch it rip the book apart as Trish Will do on Smackdown Tommorrow night

Lita then looks at him for abit then Kicks him right in the Nuts as the fans cheer

Lita then gets out the ring and gets the mic and puts it to her lips as she makes a funny face

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Ouch did that hurt awwwwwwww Poor Coach oh and thanxs for my book maybe i let you read it again one time but right now i think it will be hard for you to read it because i think i have Cracked your Nuts but dont worrie Coach you will see me on Smackdown in my Match and i will be The Women's Champion Trish might rip me apart but i think i just done that with u right now so now this is a Message to Trish my Good Firend On Smackdown Bring what you got because im going to bring what i have got, I Like this match to be the best in the WWE so please give it you all and i give it all mine then after the Match maybe we can still be there for each other who ever the champion is and trish one more thing Good Luck.

Lita then walks backward up the ramp as she looks down at Coach as he on the floor in pain then she puts her hand in the air as the fans call out her name

Lita! Lita! Lita! Lita! Lita!

Before we go to a break we see lita smiling as she looks on at Coach

** Break Starts **

** Break Ends **

Lita then is Seen Walking back stage on her own as she is smiling as she sees Trish as lita walks over to her and there walking down the hall why talking

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Trish i know we playing on smackdown for your title i know that you might heard me out there but i dont care who walks out as champion as long as the title stays with you or me so i wish you luck in the match and i hope we can make the match a match that no one will forget

** Trish Stratus ^Women's Champion^ ** Lita i can sure you that this match tommorrow will be one of the best women's Match on the wwe ever i kicked Torrie ass then i will kick your ass and i will walk out still champion *Smiles*

Lita Points to herself as there both Smile at each other

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ Ha come on Trish you never beat me in the wwe or wwf when i have been champion now i will beat you on smackdown there is no way i will walk out with out the title trust me i will beat your ass and be new champion

Lita then Pushes Trish as she pushes her back then there stand there and there start to smile then there hug as Lita walks in her Locker room and Trish Walks down the hall to Find Goldberg then lita walks in her locker room to find matt doing something then she goes behind him

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ Hi Babe what you doing
** Matt Hardy ** Nothing i was waiting for you and i seen you out there nice kick

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ ** Thanx you i will do it again if he gets in my face again

** Matt Hardy ** Come on lita thats go and get some rest you have a big match tommorrow you need some rested come on lets go

** Lita ^Amy Dumas^ Come on then thats go you got your bags, Ok come on

Lita and Matt Hardy walk off as there have there arms over each other as the scene Close