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Heyy! This is just a page for all my HMS cheerleaders for 03*04 aand 04*05. I might write some stuff in here and underneath this textbox about upcoming events and stuff for all my 04*05 cheerleaders and i'll put some pictures and such on here from and for both years. If you'd like me to put something on here for you then just sign the guestbook or contact me somehow. I'll be glad to hear any suggestoins/comments. I will also add some links for cheer accessories and such at the bottom so be sure to LoOoOk! Thanks for coming and have a gggreat day <3 Mary

(..: 2004*2005 :..)

(C) Kelie Braxton "KeLBuG"

(C) Danielle Fuller "Dan"

Kayla Stokes "K*Ma"

Natalie Mancillas "Natalia or Natty Patty" Margaret Phipps "M*G or Marg" Brittany Gonzalez

Jessica Blackburn

Brittany Hollars "Hollars"

Amber Joyce

Brittany Boggs "Boggsie"

Morgan Hockaday "Morgo"

Becca Haugle "Beccerz"

Mary Collins "MareBear"

-- I miss them "good 'ol days" =\ <3 y'all.

(Nicknames are under Real Names.. haha)

-* [2 00 4*2 00 5] *-׷

Morgan Hockaday * Mary Collins * Becca Haugle * Hannah Thaxton * Hali Cheek * Jordan Frazier * Olivia Rogers * Chanler Willis * Kasey Worley * Natalie Phillips * Haley Foust * Megan Windsor

* [c o n g r a d u l a t i o n s] *

*Southern High School Cheer Camp*

Umm.. we're doing the SHS cheer camp again this year. It's on July 12th-15th from 9:00am to 1:30pm. Like, when you walk in, you'll get a nametag and everything and then you go find the HMS cheerleaders in the gym. (The doors will be open and you'll find it easily.) Annnd It costs $60. Yeah, and bring something to eat, i mean you dont want to bring like a cheeseburger or nothin.. maybe something light.. and a drink w/ it. (I'm bringing GatoRadE!=)..)Wear like shorts and a comfortable T*Shirt. Youu might want to wear like a tanktop or something under it incase you get hott. idk. Annnd cheer shoes or tennisshoes. (althletic shoes.. there we go.) If you can't come to the camp, make sure you let me or one of the other cheerleaders know and we'll make sure that you learn the dance and stuff before school starts =). Thanks a bunch!

<3 Mary
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