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Welcome to Class 101

I hope you've studied coz this will determine if you're one of the X-men or not. You'll see how GOOD or BAD you are. Mwah, Prof. M, will be your proctor so... GET READY, START!

Test I
Your real FIRST name:
Your code name:
Your age:
Your Gender:

Test II
Your hobbies:
Surfing the net
Watching X-men
Read Comic Books

Are you a fan of X-men Evolution?
YUP, of course
NO, it's boring...

What if the alarm rang and you're eating, what would you do?
What is your favorite color?
What time do you wake up in the morning?

What are your abilities/powers?

Test III
Last but not the least...
Why did you decide to join M2B?

Don't sweat about it, kid. If you are a true X-men at heart, you will pass my last question. Though I don't accept "I want to have expirience" answers. But if you truly believe you will pass, I bet you a million you will.

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