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Okie, here's the deal. You could e-mail me and I could post what you want to announce. Anything you want to say is free to be posted in the M2B bulletin board Okay? Don't be shy, you know my mail right -prof. M

Those who haven't submitted me a lil talk for the M2B institute page, please submit so I could do what you're idea on okie?- Prof. M

We have a new forum!-Wolverine

New address for the forum ok?-Prof. X

Dottie would like to submit a form, but she can't get through-Wackoman

wacko, only memebers and above could have the page. She'll have one in two weeks. -prof. x

I'm leaving for Hawaii you guys! -Storm

See ya Soon, Storm!!!! -Fireball

Yup! See you! -Wackoman