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Professor Mutant

First name:Lexie G.
Ability:Mental Lifting TP

Here are my friends

  • Wackoman
  • Wolverine
  • Boots
  • Rayman
  • Storm
  • Wolverine
  • Prof. X

I'm Prof. M. My partner is Prof. X. We built this institute for only one reason. To make all of your fantasies come to a little bit of reality. We figured out by building something we dreamed of, we would wake up to find the same dream real.

Well, if you wanna know, my hobbies are Surfing and Watching TV. That's what I do most of the time after my homework. (Oh well, I also go to Bayville High ^_^) Kick back and relax. This isn't an addictive site so I hope you won't forget what you ought to do, ya'll.

Oh yeah, Send me any thing you wanna say