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Name:Francis J.
Ability:Fire Breath

Fireball here, youngest of all those who have a window...but still...
At least I could join on the group right? I fit in...(??? do I?). Anyway, after talking with them, I felt like I had to be one of them because they're really good friends over the net. I've met them for about 4 months and joined up just now. Sorry. But at lease I joined up right?

Here's what I've learned so far:

  1. Doing my homework right
  2. Not to surf first before homework
  3. Doing my algebra
  4. Getting more friends
  5. Don't give out personal Inofrmation
  6. How to contorl

I'm just a memeber right now, but when next year comes, I'm going to be better than that. Watch out for me, Wackoman!