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The same old story of my past never got me anywhere?
I've always needed a new journey to find a new story out there.
The unicorn has run away. Too far for my eyes to see.
I stand alone on a battlefield picking up pieces of me.
There's just too much for me to carry. How did I get so far?
I must leave some lying here. As I head toward a lavender star.

Leave past to die upon this soil that I once called my present. It's faded into the past.
There's more for me to see upon the horizon. Though the path is long, I'll go.
What is there for me in my future? I'm hoping I'll soon know.
One last glace back at the pieces I decide to leave behind.
I can't believe that my small heart could hold so much inside.

I fear the sky is falling, but something beyond its calling, "keep on chasing your dream".
But my lavender star, seems so far, but the hope, it still remains.

Same guy, same music, less past. Eric Stevens willing to play you music.
Help you think. Help you smile. Help you understand. Help you be.

While on his search Eric is more than willing to share some of his music with anyone who is willing to lend an ear.
You can easily contact him by Email:
He would also be willing to lend a helping hand for BBQ setups, bowling tips or barn raisings.

Some risks are worth taking. Some risks take all its worth.