July 7, News on situation in Ukraine.

Here is map of two regions in Ukraine troubled by separatists. You can see Russian separatists controlled areas shrink in size. Ukraine still didn't close the border so terror groups receive supply and amunition on regular base.

On the map you can find city Slavyansk. War began with Russians taking this city and making it their stronghold in April, but after 3 month of defence Russians left this city yesterday and now everyone wonder why they did it. To me it seems Slovyansk was gate to the rest of Ukraine though which Russians could easily access South and East. Perhaps on that point Putin thought it would be possible to occupy Ukraine in the manner they did with Donbass area. With the time as Ukrainian army was getting stronger Putin had to abandon this idea and so now there is no point of keeping remote stronghold. Leaving Slovyansk means that project is closed but Putin can't lose so all defenders of dozen cities like Slovyansk, Kramotorsk, Artemivsk, Konstontinivka and others have moved to Donetsk and Luhansk and now busily making them new stronghold cities.

Why? I guess Putin want those cities to become new Sarajevo, then with the time he will seek UN permission to send Russian peacekeeping troops to those cities which will save his skin in Russia. Russians this days very angry with Putin for not being able to bring victory. If not victory than at least frozen conflict will do. Russians will be satisfied if Donbass will turn into new Trance-Dnistria, but it will be a complete disaster if Ukraine will defeat separatists. Either way whole occupation of Ukraine isn't an option any more, otherwise Russians wouldn't leave Slavyansk.

Now Russians will try to make this war long lasting and bloody to play Sarajevo card. To prevent this Ukraine must act fast. The sooner we end it the less chances that UN will get tired and weary of it.

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