July 5, News on situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine flag raised over Slovyansk. Finally good news. We didn't have good news for a few month. Slovyansk was stronghold Russians held since April. They called this city their Stalingrad so the significance of this victory is more symbolic. Some 10.000-20.000 Russian militants left cities of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk early in the morning. Ukrainians could bomb them from air but they didn't. I think Ukrainians don't want to annihilate separatists but rather would push them off. Of course separatists will end in other cities still this little victory is beginning of liberating South-East of Ukraine from Russian aggressors.

Now it become obvious Russian president Putin failed Russians living in Ukraine. Everyone see Putin talk the walk not walk the walk. He just used patriotic sentiments to boost own popularity. Now we'll see how Putins ratings of popularity will go down, probably swifter than they went up when Russians took over Crimea and everyone was shouting Krim nash which means Crimea is our. Clearing up Donbass from separatists as well as getting back Crimea will be Putin's worse nightmare. I am sure his regime won't survive it.

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