July 25, News on situation in Ukraine.

Here is recent map, sorry I didn't find one in English. In yellow and blue is Ukrainian territory, Russia is brown and separatists controlled territory is in between. There is two or three pockets where Ukrainian army having hard time, it is near Russian border. They are between separatists and Russians who fire from Russian territory. Pentagon admitted today that Russia is firing artillery from its own territory into Ukraine to hit Ukrainian military sites. They doing it for second week.

To understand what future may hold for us let me remind how it went with Osetia in 2008. Russia was supplying Osetian separatists with tanks and heavy weapons. They fired at Georgian cities quite for a while and eventually Georgians couldn't stand it longer and moved on Osetians and Russian troops have been there waiting, so they counter attacked and found themselves deep into Georgian territory.

We can see that Russians want to play the same scenario, but so far it doesn't work. Why? First because Ukrainians not so impulsive and hot blooded as Georgians. Ukrainians reserved and even tempered people. Everyone understand if we attack Russians on their territory then Putin will send so called peacekeepers. Of course if nothing else works Russians can attack their cities themselves and tell Ukrainians did it. Either way in Ukraine we have third wave of mobilization. Another 50.000 reservists will join army. Everyone understand it is not to fight separatists, it is to hold wide-front offensive of Russian army.

I want to say a couple of words to people who have financial interests in Russia or who somehow connected with Russia ecnonomically. Get out of this market, it has no future. Just grab whatever you can get out of this mess and invest somewhere else. Things in Russia will never get back on track. This empire is finished. Future trend is that things bad today and they will be worse tomorrow until worse of all...

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