July 23, News on situation in Ukraine.

This photo was taken in Luhansk, which this days is quite usual sight. If 8 month ago someone would say that here in Ukraine we'll have dead civilians laying around on the streets no one would believe. This is how fast war enter you life. It is really difficult to find out whose fire has killed civilians. People trying to stay away from separatists because those are moving targets for Ukrainian army. Also often people getting killed when some armed men shooting civilians to make picture for Russian TV. When Russian TV leave then civilians can be at ease, no more killings for the day Russian TV left, they say.

To understand what I mean by saying Russian TV make a picture you have to watch very good movie, one of best ever produced "Wag The Dog" it is about polit technologists making war in holiwood studio, they were making war out of nothing but in Ukraine Russian TV make war on the streets of our cities. Basic principles the same, while you trying to catch them with one lie they already proceed with another hoax. Either way sooner or later this will end and Putin more and more often find himself in Zugzwang.

Zugzwang is a term used in chess when it's your turn to move a piece, but regardless of where you move, you will be at a disadvantage. In other words Zugzwang is when you need to move, but you don't want to because of the terrible conditions. It is why Putin was silent in first few days after Boeing went down. Now Putin has two choices, either to go ahead with war and receive sanctions of the West which will destroy Russian economy within next year or he can stop supporting pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, then war will be lost soon and Russian public will never forgive him such shameful defeat.

What Putin does, he try to help separatists little by little but it doesn't work like this and every day Ukrainian army liberating new cities. Now it is time for Putin to make real move and get out of rut. If he won't find courage to do it then he will stuck in this mud forever.

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