July 19, News on situation in Ukraine.

Some say downing MH17 airplane can become prince Ferdinand or Lucitania-like incident that draws Western powers into the Ukraine/Russia war. I believe it will take more than one airplane for pacifistic West to start getting engaged into military activity with Russia. In past decades what was called war was just killing African savages with drones or shooting Afgan Talibs with Appache helicopters. Situation we have in Ukraine this days is getting closer to WW2 level in intensity, just smaller in size.

MH17 was downed on the site where one day earlier was downed Ukrainian jet and two days earlier Ukrainian military transportation airplane. Both were high in the sky, like 6-7 kms. If World knew what goes on in Ukraine they would not send airplane fly on 10 kms over war area, but people as usually hiding truth from themselves and not looking down, they heading on vacation and looking ahead and looking forward. On TV they show Israel/Palestinian little war and not showing what kind of toys Putin send to terrorists. Buk toy capable of targeting flying objects 25 kms high in the sky!!! What will be next toy that Putin going to send to terrorists? the atomic bomb?

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