July 14, News on situation in Ukraine.

I guess I have to tell what goes on in Ukraine because after checking several different news sources like BBC, Reuters, CNN and others I didn't find any news that reflect real situation on South East of Ukraine. It looks like everyone turn blind eye to the fact that every day hundreds of Russian tanks, cannons, other military vehicles crossing border to Ukraine. The reason America is silent because so far Ukrainian military successfully destroy those vehicles, killing every day 300-500 Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists. I guess Western World think that Russia is punished enough and no need to introduce sanctions which will hurt all sides.

It's like Putin has gotten inside of vicious cycle.., one of attempt to get out of the rut was last night. There were few hundred Russian military vehicles on the border and they started to cross it as peacekeepers troops. Ukraine army on allert, some vehicles Ukrainians destroyed from the air, others turned back and had to return to Russia, some broke though and joined army of separatists.

Situation on Russian-Ukrainian border is so inflammable that one little spark can start fire of full scale war.

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