August 6, News on situation in Ukraine.

By now Ukrainian army liberated 3/4 of territory occupied by rebels early this year. No one has doubt that separatists will lose. They themselves fight against hope. Some rebels fight because they paid, large category fight because they are stupid or have nothing else to do or watch Russian TV. Whatever reason they fight for they know they have no chance to win.., they know it is as certain as a new day comes after long night.

As soon as new city is liberated locals welcome Ukrainian army and first thing they crush Lenin monuments.

When I was watching Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk referendum I was mostly seeing older or middle aged people waving Russian or USSR flags. Although living in USSR wasn't best time for many of them they were young and youth is what they are really missing. When Putin promise them return to good old USSR he appeals to desire of feeling strong, staying healthy, attractive. This is quite tempting for masses who never trying to think by themselves. It's like Putin is such magician that can return golden days to everyone.., just vote for his agenda and you dream will come true, you will go straight to the past.

Now those poor voters have learned that Putin is a cheat who take advantage of people who stick to the past. Too bad many learned this after their cities reduced to ruins. Now those people, often province idealists, local patriots and unrealistic romantics says - Putin is traitor. If we only knew that he will cheat us we would never go to this referendum!

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