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On February 18 in the morning parlament resumed work and huge crowds of protesters started moving towards parlament. People were coming to support opposition in their attempt to return old constitution which would take off power from president and give it to parlament. Of course all 5 streets that lead to parlament were blocked by police and people just kept arriving and pressing on police untill police started using grenades and rubber bullets to keep people away. Right in epicenter of fighting there was central office of rulling party, unguarded. Protesters broke in and crushed it and set building in fire. Special police unit arrived with submachine guns and took office under control. They said they found two dead bodies inside of the office building who were workers of this office killed by protesters and after that police started wide and powerful attack on people. I really doubt there were dead in office unless police had killed people themselves. I was there from the very beginning and I haven't heard any shots fired when people crushed office but everyone know it was shooting when police came.

Around 30 people have died that day in Kiev, hundreds gone missing and 500 were wounded.

If you ask me what caused this war the shortest answer it is war of money against people. On one hand we have no support from West because our government made of uber rich who very well connected to wealthy elite on the West. On the other hand our president have support from bloody dictator Putin. Combination of this two factors works for president and works against people of Ukraine.

This is what Spengler meant when he was talking about final struggle of money against blood. (Oswald Spengler "Decline of the West")

Father and son washed in blood. Do they look like extremists? They both computer scientists from my district.

Bunch of policemen captured and beaten by protesters. Particulary those policemen were beaten up for throwing grenades down from roof of 5 store building into crowd of people.

Every time protesters captured police they had to release them and after police had captured protesters they were throwing them to jail.

They say molotova is only cocktail that served hot.

At the beginning this was protest against presidents shifting course from euro integration. Now after 3 month of struggle our goal went up higher than integration. Now it's fight for freedom and euro integration is not often mentioned. Price we pay is so high for a goal that is cheap.

Most support we have from Poland and Baltic countries. People of those countries have own bloody experience in getting out of Soviet block. There was this ancient proverb- nobody will understand you better than one who was beaten with the same stick.

America and West European corporative media sponsored by Russian oil money often calling us extremists... I believe they do it simply because it lessen their governments responsibility in not acting on Ukrainian crisis issue.

Among protesters I met many people from all Eastern Europe. Many from Russia and Belorus, Slavic countries where people deprived ability to protest.

I am sure here is a training school for a future maydans in Russia and Belorus.

If you look at statistics of the number of police per 100.000 population in Ukraine will be several times more police than in average country of European Union. Only Russia and Belorus have more police than Ukraine. By making army of police so big dictators protecting themselves from empoverished population.

Most of the policemen in real life nothing-do-well, wooden headed bunch of loosers. In my part of the world police have zero respect in society. It is not uncommon when police being called garbage, in Russian "musor" even on tv and newspapers. Police objective is to make money not to protect law and order. In recent years to give money to policeman became as normal as to give handshake.

It is hard to say how many people were involved in fighting that day. It spread on large area. There were tens of thousands, really big crowds.

In my life I've been lucky few times and February 18 was my lucky day. I was on the street near Parliament where fighting took place all morning, then I got phone call, it was emergency and I had to leave for hour. As soon as I left police special forces moved on protesters and literally annihilated this area where I just stood. Later we learned that there were cases of beheading and scalping people who were still alive. You can see someone succeeded to video type how police carry out headless body. Obviously next destination were crematorium where they were disposed off.

In Kiev city center is also a business center. There were so many expensive cars burned... Business owners seems didn't get it was war zone and every new car that get into it becomes a part of fortification.

On photo some kid passing by bodies of dead boys killed by police fire arms on February 18 in downtown in Kiev. I bet this image will haunt him for the rest of his days.

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