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"You won't let us live so we won't let you rule" Protests slogan

If you wonder why disturbance and discontent so often in Ukraine, I shall say it because half of our people are European and other half are Russian mentality and they must coexist in one state. When we have Russian style president then west of country is unhappy when we have pro-European president then Eastern side is upset.

Other reason is that Ukraine is terribly corrupt and once in decade we must have this process of self cleaning to get rid of clogs and thrombs.

Also particular this uprising is result of world economic depression. We are on outskirts of civilization and vulnerable to economic storms.

This President is Russian speaking. He is intellectually retarded with strong will to power. He probably only president on the planet with criminal records. He was imprisoned twice for robbery and rape in his youth so we have Mr.Rapist for president.

What really bad is that he is a legitimate president. People voted for him. Don't ask how they made people vote for this moron. There is technologies of creating image of cool, self made man who had difficulties in his life but was strong enough to overcome them and there is more technologies of how to bribe electorate and steal votes..

In any way, 3 years ago we allowed this half wit to climb up and sit his ass to the throne, change and corrupt all democratic institutions. First thing his administration did was imprisoning opposition leader Timoshenko and ministers of former government. Then he began selecting Judges himself. Now one his phone call is enough to put in jail anyone in a country. It would be long list to count all changes he did in country to reverse its pace from principles of democracy towards autocracy. I shall probably mention that his son is one of richest men in Ukraine and sons of prime minister and ministers of police, supreme judge, their children are also among richest most influential businessmen in Ukraine. They made so rich within short time through raides and using connections at high places. We call this bunch of thiefs and robbers a president family. Most of their money belong to actual president family.

Now Ukraine is police state that moving fast from oligarchy (power of few, rich people) to autocracy (power of one)

Uprising began at the end of November 2013 when president failed to sign European Union Association Agreement. There were few hundred pro-EU protesters on the streets and police moved on them. In a next few days many students and journalists were beaten up and all country learned about police beating peaceful protesters. Thanks God we have freedom of speech in Ukraine which we won 9 years ago at Orange Revolution

On a photo police clashes with protesters.

It is when motorcycle helmet comes handy.

On next days million came out on the streets in Kiev and many more in other cities of Ukraine. People hit the streets to protest against beating peaceful demonstrations.

Isn't it life irony that here in Ukraine people fight the police to get in EU and somewhere in Greece or Italy at the same time they fight the police to get out of EU.

President was hiding behind his elite police forces so people couldn't lay hand on him, instead they crushed Lenin statue. I don't feel sorry, we are not short supply... communists produced thousands of such idols.

This violence broke out between protesters and police special forces when a court jailed three activists over an alleged terror plot. This actually was anti-terrorism police unit. It is organized and sponsored by USA and supposed to fight global terror but as you see it fight peaceful protesters. Thank you, uncle Sam, for breeding more police around the world. We just had not them enough...

Our special police units have no marks of distinction. All of a apiece like army of darkness. On this photo people throwing out their helmets to see faces. Then they pushed police officers around, pushed them about and finally push them out through corridor of shame.

Now downtown is barricaded with 4 meter walls, people live in tents, some live in occupied by protesters city council and trade union buildings. People cook on the streets, warm at fires, holding defence. The area that in control of protesters is called Maydan which is Ukrainian for square.

What I find really amazing is self organizing abilities of people. Total strangers they in matter of one, two days already all do different functions. Some cook, other clean or patrolling crowds, provide medical service, watching on checkpoints and do many other things. No one is paid for anything. Maydan exist on donation of Ukrainians from all over the world. Maydan is not a commercial or political project, like active volcano it coming out of depths. Normally there is few thousand people staying on Maydan and as soon as police trying to crush it down people start coming and streets flooded with hundreds of thousands people in matter of few hours.

On blade written something like "President, where are you? I came for you people.." By the way speaking of president people, if I tell our government is most ignorant I will be paying them great compliment. I really doubt anyone of them have real education at all. They bought diplomas but they can't buy knowledge and intelligence. Not all image makers in the world can make a brute to pass for a thoughtful gentleman.

President himself came from troubled industrial part of Ukraine. He was one of a top gangsters in early 1990s and of all gangsters of this region he had more presentable appearance that why they pushed him on the throne to Kiev.

What would happen to America if Al Capone had became a president of the United States at his time? Imagine this scenario and now you have situation in Ukraine. After 3 years the economy is destroyed, middle class shrink to size of a raisin and the country is on a brink of civil war.

Many protesters in Ukraine hope that Western Europe and USA will come to help us by imposing sanctions against criminal cabal of president family. They write appeals to Western politicians. I myself think some 30 years ago old democracy would help to young democracy. Not any more. This days people and families like our president all members of one international club of uber rich and politicians just their servants. To ask politicians to put sanctions on uber rich is like asking puppet to bite puppeteer.

Our president is Kremlin backed. Russia give support to autocrats and outcast regimes because Putin himself is dictator and as well known birds of a feather flock together.

I tell protesters we must count only on ourselves, for West and for Russia we just pawn in their geopolitical game.

I believe Ukraine eventually will join European Union. For now it seems like my country rotates between two magnets... sometimes more inclined to go towards Russia and sometimes heading towards EU. As Europe expands, the force getting stronger and drag us more and more into EU. The final destination is one world government but it's a long way.

All ready for requiem service near city concil building.. piano, wreath and other funerary waiting for president to leave.

Last photo of president in cage, sitting on his golden toilet.. so far only in fantasy of sculptor and dreams of protesters but who knows what future hold?

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