Terror in Ukraine.

I write this note with purpose to attract attention to the current situation in my country (Ukraine)

You can get some idea of what goes on in Ukraine by checking out my earlier photoreportage Maydan It is beginning of uprising.

Now situation is very serious and western media if mention it never report this in depth.. mainly because it another shameless loss of Washington and Brussels and people in Western World can not be terribly proud of their governments.

This days in Ukraine people shocked and like trying to wake up from nightmare, if you seen photos or videos of Ukraine second half of January you know it is war zone. People dying from bullets of sniper and being kidnapped and later found dead in forests, hundreds and hundreds imprisoned without any trial and hundreds wounded in hospitals. Beatings take place all over Ukraine. Police works together with thugs and criminals, they crush down protesters or anyone who happen to be at wrong place in the wrong time.

What make it especially bad is that we have information war on Russian speaking media and internet. People don't know the truth. Here in Ukraine they use the same technologies they used in Russia to put down freedom of speech. One by one they take newspapers and tv channels fall under ideologic control of pro-Kremlin president. They have support from Putin who gives billions of dollars to our criminal regime. Putin also gives military advisers and Russian special forces work in Ukraine, kidnappings and snipers their signature. Can someone imagine death squadrons in Europe in the 21 century? They moved them here from Chechenia and Dagistan and after Olympics Russians will send more of those inhuman bastards and our police do nothing, they busily cover up all crimes and work openly with gangs of criminals in taking hostages who always peaceful civilians. Later governments want to exchange hostages with opposition for some favours, like unblock government buildings. We have real state terrorism.

I believe West must impose sanctions on criminal cabal of Ukrainian president and his gang. They must freeze bank accounts of those who responsible in beating peaceful protesters, killing and torturing people which takes place in different Ukrainian cities.

Yanukovich is a criminal President whose regime is based on patronage, corruption and mafia style intimidation. His party buys judges, hires thugs to beat up activists all over Ukraine, his "security forces" kidnap protesters from hospitals and again beat them until they are dead.

Every day journalists beaten up, cars of protesters burned down. Activists taken in prison, stabbed. Terror reign in Ukraine.

An average Ukrainian person can not travel to Western countries without visa and it is very difficult to obtain visa. Non of those pro-european protesters can travel to Europe without visa while our corrupt officials and their relatives can travel anywhere in the world with their diplomatic passports and millions of dollars they stole from people they welcome everywhere. They live in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Austria and other countries. Their children and grandchildren study at you most prestige universities and enjoy benefits of democracy while at home they do political repressions and murder.

Some say West does nothing because Russia will see it as intrusion in own affairs and it may cause WW3. Let me assure that although Russia might be strong enough to terrorize neighboring countries it won't have enough strength to stand against NATO. Russia actually is on last legs and what goes on in Ukraine now will start happening in Russia pretty soon. Russian economic and political system as rotten as Ukrainian, it just that they have their oil money so they throw a bit of cash to people and the rest they invest in propaganda that make people believe they have progress. In Ukraine they tried to do the same but it appears we don't have enough resources for leading the same lifestyle.

This days our monetary system collapse, country itself falling apart. There are possible different scenarios. Russia may try to split Ukraine in the same manner they did at last Olympics, when they started war with Georgia. Even if they do it they won't be able to absorb new territories because Russia can hardly keep together their present territories.

Worse what can happen it is if Putin will send troops for helping Ukrainian police special forces to crush down protesters. In such case many will die. Some say Russian troops already in Ukraine and now they receive supplies of ammunition. OK, let's see, folks. If it is what they planned they will do it shortly. Keep eye on this, because it is not just you regular uprising, it is the end of empire.

Please forward this message to all members of you local Ukrainian community or just to everyone who is not indifferent. Contact info: elena@elenafilatova.com

Thank you, very much.

Elena Filatova

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